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Solana Mobile launches Beta version for developers


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Solana mobile has launched a preorder platform for its DVT-1 saga developer beta. The team made the revelation via its Twitter page, citing that there are only 3,500 exclusive orders available for developers. As revealed, interested developers who want to have first-hand experience about the application can apply via the preorder portal. The team stated that it allows payment for preordering the beta version through USDC or credit card.

Furthermore, the team bemoaned how many manufacturers had never unveiled the beta versions of their mobile applications. Solana mobile indicates that in the ‘spirit of openness’ it decided to launch the beta version of its application. The team illustrates how the Web 3.0 developer community must begin to develop and test mobile-first applications.

Additionally, via the announcement, the team disclosed the necessary criteria to participate in the preorder. Solana Mobile divulged that there’s a need for developers to input their GitHub account details while filling the online preorder form. Also, the team added that a user could add their Github details to an existing preorder.

The team beseeched every developer to join its SMS Discord server to keep up with the latest information about future development. The team added that In the coming weeks, there would be numerous announcements regarding the mobile application.

How Solana Mobile Came Into Existence

Recall that around June of this year, the team unveiled the Solana Saga (a mobile phone). According to the team, it’s an attempt to enhance the Solana plans beyond its blockchain and NFTs projects. As indicated during the unveiling in New York, the mobile phone comes with specific attributes that will aid it fulfills its purpose.

Per description, the Solana Saga is a new mobile phone created by Solana in conjunction with Osom. Also, Osom is an Android development firm that designs hardware for prominent companies like Google, Apple, and Intel. According to Solana, the phone is an android with an exclusive hardware experience and a flagship quality android gadget specially designed for cryptocurrency.

Aside the Solana Mobile, the firm unveiled the android version of the Solana Mobile Stack software ecosystem. Before now, the organization intended to develop the Osom OV1, but it has trashed the initiative to focus on the Solana Saga.

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