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Shl0ms, A NFT Artists Blows Up Lamborghini, Set To Make $1 Million


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An NFT artist named Shl0ms blew up a Lamborghini to protest against the crypto community’s “get-rich-fast” mindset. Moreover, Shl0ms will sell the blown-up pieces of the Lamborghini Huracán as NFTs on February 25th.

In early February, the NFT artist blew up the Lamborghini with the help of an explosive expert. Additionally, the car is worth around $250,000. The NFT artist uses the pseudonym Shl0ms for all his handles.

Accordingly, Shl0ms will turn the charred parts of the Lamborghini into a 999 NFTs collection. Also, the NFT artist will give 111 pieces from the collection to the 100 member team that helped in blowing up the car and to the initial fund provider. Moreover, 888 pieces will be put up for auction.

NFT Artist Shl0ms Protests Against Crypto Culture

According to sources, the NFT artist has been familiar with the crypto industry since 2016. Speaking about the crypto world, Shl0ms admonished the crypto investors mentality.

He said, “This technology is incredibly promising, there are so many good things that we could do with it.” Furthermore, warning about the drawbacks, he adds, “but there are so many terrible things being done with it.” He has called the crypto industry an extractive, zero-sum practice.

Also, the NFT artist explained his reasoning for choosing a Lamborghini. He drew similarities between the crypto world and the car. Evidently, Shl0ms says, “the Lamborghini is a pretty potent representation of people simply engaging with crypto because it’s a way for them to make money off other people as quickly as possible.”

Through his NFT work, the artist plays with the idea of merging the physical and the digital world.

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How Did The NFT Artist Blow Up The Lamborghini?

Last year, Shl0ms stated on Twitter that he had an idea to blow up a Lamborghini. Moreover, the artist posted a poll on Twitter asking his followers to decide between two options. He asked them to choose between destroying the Lamborghini chaotically or methodically.

The poll results suggested that his followers wanted him to chaotically destroy the car instead of methodically disassembling it. 

Shl0ms said on Twitter that one of the reasons for choosing Lamborghini is because he hated the car. Additionally, the artist got financial support from a single entity. Moreover, he hired a team of 100 people for the entire process.

Furthermore, the artist purchased a second hand Lamborghini Huracan for under $250,000 and drove it to an undisclosed location in the U.S to blow up the car.

Following the blast, the team picked up the pieces of the car and shot a video of each piece in 4K definition. The full video of the explosion will be available shortly and the collection will go live on February 25th.

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