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SeedOn launches wallet app for direct SEON vesting and staking


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SeedOn, a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, has launched a new wallet app it calls the ‘SeedOn Finance.’ Using the new wallet, investors across the globe may now stake SeedOn’s native SEON token, directly from the app. More importantly, SeedOn Finance will allow staking, without third-party platforms, and investors can collect their vested tokens from select SEON sales.

SeedOn Finance To Mitigate Against Crowdfunding Scam

SeedOn’s solution comes in handy, particularly considering the high rate of scams associated with crowdfunding. For instance, people donated over $100 million for those affected and displaced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through crypto crowdfunding campaigns. However, that also created an avenue for scammers and bad actors to take advantage of. The scammers were able to prey on the goodwill gestures of prospective donors by creating phony philanthropic efforts. In a short time, such scams began to raise widespread concerns and uncertainties as regards the effectiveness and viability of crypto crowdfunding and online fundraising in general.

However, SeedOn offers a solution to the scam tendencies of crypto crowdfunding. That is the new SeedOn Finance wallet, which features a strong Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocol. Thus, enabling users to buy and stake their SEON tokens with no intermediaries.

Before, investors looking to participate in SeedOn crowdfunding campaigns could purchase SEON on public exchanges. If they sought to earn yields on staking their tokens, investors previously had to rely on third-party platforms. Now, SeedOn Finance streamlines this process by eliminating the need for any intermediaries with native token staking and vesting. SeedOn’s native staking program enables investors to choose between multiple staking periods of 30, 90, or 150 days, which offer APYs of seven percent, 30 percent, and 50 percent, respectively. 

SeedOn Finance users can also use the wallet to collect their vested coins from private and public pre-sales, previously airdropped to their third-party wallets. The wallet allows them to check the next vesting date and the number of tokens they are due to receive.

More Features Upcoming

SeedOn is currently developing a mobile application with novel features and capabilities that incorporate gamification for stronger user engagement. SeedOn will subsequently release a second version of the wallet, both for mobile and desktop. This version will introduce new features, including secure biometric-driven KYC and a fiat on-ramp for SEON. 

“Our community expressed concern about the safety of staking their SEON on other platforms,” says Constantin-Claudiu Minea, Co-founder and CEO of SeedOn. “We decided to develop a native option for SEON staking, with guaranteed security. We are always listening to our investors’ feedback and constantly brainstorming solutions to meet their needs.”


Headquartered in Iasi, Romania, SeedOn is developing the blockchain-based solution that will revolutionize the crowdfunding process to ensure transparent transactions. Utilizing the native SEON token, users can invest in projects on the platform, with funds being held in escrow and released periodically for additional investor security. Projects and founders will go through an intensive validation process before being granted access to the platform. The Smart Contract Escrow Model guarantees safe transfer of funds, expanding the future of crowdfunding for project developers and investors alike. 

For more information, visit https://seedon.io/ 

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