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SeedOn Launches Native Token SEON on Major Exchanges


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Blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform, SeedOn, has announced the launch of its utility token, SEON, on three major cryptocurrency trading platforms. From Tuesday, 15th February 2022, the SEON token will be available on BitMart, Digifinex and PancakeSwap.

Following the launch, users of the different trading platforms will be able to purchase the token using USD and other popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Its token’s exchange listing comes on the heels of a successful public token sale in mid-December, which saw 120,000,000 SEON ($1.2 million) sold in less than five hours.

Commenting on the token launch, CEO and co-founder of SeedOn, Claudiu Minea said, “The SEON token launch is the next logical step in the development of SeedOn’s platform.” Minea believes the launch will help investors monitor how their funds are being used when they invest in startups and projects. “We are sure the listings will contribute to the continued growth of our community,” he noted.

SeedOn to Revolutionize Crowdfunding

Recall that SeedOn aims to revolutionize conventional crowdfunding by providing traceability and transparency to all stakeholders, to facilitate complete control of their investments. Having identified lapses in the crowdfunding industry, SeedOn is providing an alternative solution to restore investor confidence in startups and projects.

For example, when Property Income Investors LLC. and its CEO Larry Brodman raised over $9 million in unregistered securities between 2016 and 2020 (mostly through crowdfunding platforms), more than $2 million went into private bank accounts. Such scams have become all too common on crowdfunding platforms, affecting the reputation of the entire industry. The inability of crowdfunding platforms to effectively vet problematic campaigns hurts investors and legitimate project owners who depend on crowdfunding campaigns.

SeedOn tackles the issue of transparency in crowdfunding. The firm leverages smart contracts to release the funds in stages following the project’s development. All the time, it shows investors exactly where their money is going. This smart contract escrow model, alongside a traceable native token, protects investors from fraudulent activity and returns the funds. 

SeedOn provides another layer of security by using AI to validate projects before listing them and backs that up with a human validation process to establish a project’s value.

SeedOn is developing a next-generation platform for equity crowdfunding that, through its smart-contract escrow, provides transparency to protect investors. To prevent fraudulent campaigns, SeedOn releases a project’s funds in stages. This conditions the project’s access to the funding on reaching specific milestones and completing its various stages.

By using its SEON token instead of a fiat currency, SeedOn leverages blockchain to make transfers completely transparent and traceable, bringing an entirely new standard of equity crowdfunding.

Main Features

The main features that SeedOn’s users will benefit from include;

  • Securities transactions using crypto – As with many other cryptocurrencies, users can invest using SEON and earn returns on their investment.
  • Transaction transparency & accountability – Using the distributed ledger technology, SeedOn will help ensure transparency during transactions between investors and entrepreneurs in its environment at all times.
  • User screening process & background check – Both manual and automated (AI) checks will be done during the early stages of registration for the platform. The screening will include a check for copyrights violation.
  • Security & control of your investments – Capital infusion will be done to startups in stages. Thus, entrepreneurs will have access to only a limited amount of money until further objectives or targets of the project are complete. The phased release of funds will help ensure the appropriate deployment of the resource.
  • Protect intellectual property – SeedOn will gate project details with an authentication mechanism so that only registered users have full access to startups information. As part of the registration process, investors will be required to fill in an NDA form so that the leak of any project information will not be allowed.

About SeedOn

Headquartered in Iasi, Romania, SeedOn is developing a blockchain-based solution that will revolutionize the crowdfunding process to ensure transparent transactions. Utilizing its native SEON token, users can invest in projects on the platform, which places their funds in a smart contract escrow and releases them in stages for additional investor security. Projects and founders will go through an intensive validation process before being granted access to the platform. The Smart Contract Escrow Model guarantees safe transfer of funds, expanding the future of crowdfunding for project developers and investors alike.

For more information: https://seedon.io/

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