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Scroll launches NFT project, Origins after going on mainnet


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Few days after launching on mainnet, Ethereum layer 2 zkEVM, Scroll has launched it NFT project, identified as Origins NFT. According to a Twitter post by the protocol, it developed the collection to celebrate all the early builders on its ecosystem and to further grow its community. Following its launch on mainnet, developers and protocols can now deploy their contracts and explore all the gems embedded in the project.

Scroll assures developers that it upholds values and guidelines that project neutral, open-source, and community-driven services. In addition, it described its Origins NFT as a symbol of the ecosystem that brings its community together.

Meanwhile, the newly launched NFT project comes with a Scroll-themed background, surrounded by a dynamic polynomial equation. The polynomial equation enveloped in each of the collections symbolizes complex mathematical foundations that are essential in generating and verifying various zero-knowledge proofs.

Worth noting that only eligible users will be allowed to use one of the three types of NFTs offered in the three stages of deployment. To qualify as an eligible user, such person must have deployed a smart contract on Scroll Mainnet within 60 days of Genesis Block (October 10, 2023 6AM GMT). The three stages of deployment are Quintic stage, Quartic stage and Cubic stage.

Scroll is live on mainnet

Recall that Scroll launched on mainnet barely two weeks ago. During its testnet, it recorded about 900,000 wallet addresses as participants and an estimated seven million transactions. Since its launch, it has recorded not less than fifty five million transactions. According to Scroll, it seeks to integrate into Ethereum network security with lower fees and latency.

Meanwhile, the Co-founder of Scroll, Sandy Peng revealed that existing Ethereum projects will be able to directly deploy their projects on Scroll and utilize its zkEVM technology. According to Peng, the importance of zkEVM to developers resides in its ability to batch proofs in an efficient manner. The exec added that Scroll offers faster transaction speed at minimal costs, thus ensuring that users enjoy a great experience.

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