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Sandbox collaborates Dreycom to expand web3 universe


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Prominent metaverse platform, Sandbox has partnered with Dreycom. The firm made the announcement today via a post on its X (formerly Twitter) account. According to the post, the firm will leverage the collaboration to expand the web3 universe. 

Sandbox described the development as a “dynamic partnership” stating that it is set to redefine the landscape of web3. As revealed, Drecom is the developer of the popular “Wizardry” game. Now, the collaboration will see the introduction of Drecom’s “Eternal Crypt-Wizardry BC” into the blockchain landscape. 

More so, the partnership will offer support for the release of the game’s NFT collection; “Adventurer Genesis.” For Drecom, it will focus on building on the collaboration with Sandbox and partner with more key players in the industry. Consequently, the two firms will leverage the collaboration to enhance their social and original game experience for their respective users. 

However, the partnership with Drecom will further project Sandbox as a force to reckon with in the web3 sphere. In recent times, the firm has intensified its effort towards onboarding more users to the web3 sphere with various initiatives. With this effort, the web3 firm has matured into a prominent organization in the industry. 

Recall that in February 2023, Binbits reported a collaboration between Sandbox and Zeptolab. As reported, Sandbox aimed to build and sustain new web3 experiences for users. Now, Sandbox with its collaboration with Drecom is aiming to enhance the crusade for the mass adoption of web3. 

Reaction to the collaboration between Sandbox and Drecom 

It is worth mentioning that top executives from Sandbox and Drecom have weighed their opinions on the partnership. Drecom representative and director of Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC, Yuki Naito has expressed his delight at the partnership. 

In his submission, the executive described how the collaboration with Sandbox will help avail Eternal Crypt – Wizardry BC to a wider audience. Likewise, Yuki Naito added that Drecom will seek to tap into the global success of the metaverse firm in the web3 space and contribute to its efforts. 

Also, Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-founder of Sandbox provided more insights into the partnership. The COO described Drecom as a leading game developer in the Japanese market. He added that the firm will be willing to support Drecom in expanding its existing game franchise. Lastly, Borget disclosed that Sandbox will continue to support the firm as it focuses on producing more blockchain games.  

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