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Robinhood launches crypto wallet for Android users


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Robinhood has announced the launch of the Android version of its mobile crypto wallet. In a Twitter post, the trading platform confirmed the launch, affirming its dedication to expanding access to millions of crypto users across the globe.

In the announcement, Robinhood emphasized its vision to make its wallet the most reliable and easiest solution for crypto traders. The product comes with innovative self-custody web3 feature to streamline the experience of million of Android users across the globe.

Earlier, Robinhood launched the iOS version of the wallet, making the product available for users on the move. At that time, the Android app was in beta version with a public waitlist open for registration. Now, its final launch, according to Robinhood, means the wallet is now available to every user who joined the waitlist.

With the mobile wallet, users can access lots of crypto services like trading, rewards, storage, and yield farming. Meanwhile, while launching the iOS version, the firm picked Polygon due to its “scalability, speed, low network fees and a robust developer ecosystem.”

According to the General Manager of Robinhood, Johann Kerbrat, the launch signifies a significant milestone in the firm’s dedication to widening access to crypto, ensuring that it is integrated into their daily life.

Robinhood to provide cross-chain swap services through its wallet

Similarly, the head of product at Robinhood, Seong Lee revealed that the firm is working actively to provide wallet users access to cross-chain swaps via decentralized exchange aggregators soon. Also, Lee said the firm will also integrate on-ramps that eliminates barriers that users may face while entering the Web3 space. To do this, the exec said Robinhood will work with reputable organizations like Arbitrum, LI.FI and 0x.

Last year, Robinhood acquired San-Francisco credit card service provider, XI as part of its efforts to widen its offerings. Then, it affirmed that the acquisition of XI will sustain its relationship with existing users. By acquiring XI, the firm is aiming to provide access to credit for its users. While announcing the deal at that time, Robinhood described X1 as a project that avails a no-fee credit card with rewards on every purchase.

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