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Polygon Labs partners Unstoppable Domains to launch .polygon


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Today, a renowned web3 domain provider, Unstoppable Domains partnered with Polygon Labs to unveil .polygon domain. According to an announcement by Polygon Labs, the new domain is geared towards easing users’ accessibility to web3 applications.

It is noteworthy that the launched .polygon domain will be usable across every decentralized applications on the Ethereum sidechain. Notably, the domain will further provide an enablement for Unstoppable users to seamlessly widen their Polygon-based Web3 identity. Beyond this, the innovation will also facilitate the sending of crypto and NFTs across the sidechain.

Polygon Labs affirmed that .polygon domain will help ease the creation of decentralized websites. Through it, users will be able to develop their own personal digital identity across at least 750 dApps, games and metaverses.

Worth noting, Unstoppable Domains provides web3 domains, thereby allowing users to create profiles and connect them with their social channels. More so, users are also able to showcase on-chain tokens like tickets and awards, display badges, and many more. Now, occasioned by its collaboration with Polygon Labs, Unstoppable Domains wants to launch exclusive access to premium .polygon gaming and digital domains by March 16. This thus give users the opportunity to own gamer.polygon or the most sought after 2- or 3- digit domain, like or 00.polygon. As of now, Unstoppable Domains is offering a 25% discount off all domains created on Polygon within the next 48 hours.

.polygon to foster accessibly to dApps – Polygon Labs Exec

Meanwhile, the head of growth and business development with Polygon Labs, Sanket Shah made some remarks about the new domain. According to Shah, the Web3 domain will allow the Polygon community to enjoy a digital identity they fully own. With this identity, the exec believes members of the Polygon community will be able to access dApps without giving away their personal information. Shah added that this identity will also foster the performance of crypto transactions without lengthy wallet addresses. He described the launch of .polygon as a step forward in the protocol’s commitment to aiding its ecosystem.

Notably, the Chief Operating Officer, Sandy Carter also reacted to the launch of the new domain. Carter commended Polygon Labs for its commitment in ensuring the success of .polygon, thereby bringing the communities together. The exec sees web3 domains as the future of the internet which helps to put the power of users-owned digital identities into the hands of users.

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