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PayMaya launches crypto service on payment app


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Leading Philippines Financial giant, PayMaya has established a modern cryptocurrency aspect on its app recently. Sources revealed that PayMaya clients will have access to acquire and exchange Cryptocurrency with their accounts. Also, the firm plans to give a detailed crypto package, both saving and investment options to prospective customers.

Also, PayMaya aims to educate citizens of the Philippines about the pros and cons of Cryptocurrency and other Virtual assets.
Additionally, with this new development users will no longer go through trading platforms to trade Cryptocurrency. it makes it easier for users not to go through unnecessary stress. They can now trade directly on the platform without having the stress of registering to register a crypto wallet with regular trading platforms.

Furthermore, PayMaya has an over 40 million customer base and is one of the biggest trading platforms in the Philippines. Before now, the financial giant offers numerous services relating to Virtual assets and currency.

Description of the initiative according to PayMaya President

While speaking about the development, The President of PayMaya, Shailesh Baidwan, express how the fame of the organization is growing in the country about cryptocurrency. He revealed how citizens of the county have been enjoying numerous financial-digital services. He referred to the e-Wallet and how it has been serving numerous purposes. Baidwan also added that the development will aid them to trade cryptocurrency without stress.

Furthermore, he explained that the e-wallet app has become part and parcel of them already. Moreover, launching a cryptocurrency feature on the e-wallet app will enable them to purchase and gain crypto wisely. PayMaya users can also exchange their Bitcoin and Ethereum directly for Philippines local fiat. The package is only meant for selected clients on a premium subscription.

Lately, a part of Asia is embracing Crypto and digital assets in their region. The Philippines however has been at the vanguard of the charge toward Cryptocurrency. The Philippines has taken several applaudable steps toward establishing regulations to protect the crypto sphere.

In that regard, the Philippines Finance department once admitted to having an interest in collecting a part of returns from play-to-earn games.

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