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Orbs launches Perpetual Hubs solution to revolutionize onchain derivative trading


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After collaborating with SYMMIO and IntentX, a major DeFi platform Orbs has launched a new product – Perpetual Hub. Confirming the launch, Orbs said the solution features a wide range of advanced tools to redefine every form of perpetual futures trading.

Orbs affirms its commitment to revolutionizing the on-chain derivatives market through the provision of efficient liquidity that users may not find elsewhere. By launching Perpetual Hub, the protocol is attempting to unlock the untapped possibilities in the world of on-chain perpetual futures.

Referencing top derivatives centralized exchanges like OKX and Binance, Orbs believes the trading volumes for perpetual futures can be greater than spot trading volumes. According to the firm, high volumes for derivative trading can be actualized through leverage that’s often as high as 100x. This supports users to increase their trading position above their cash balance.

In a keynote address by Orbs’ Head of BizDev, Ran Hammer revealed that the total value locked (TVL) in on-chain derivatives is around $3.4 billion. This, according to the exec, represents a fraction of the DeFi market’s total TVL of about $100 billion. More so, Hammer said decentralized exchanges contribute barely 2% to the overall crypto derivatives trading volume.

Orbs develops Liquidity Hub

Earlier, Orbs developed Liquidity Hub. Powered by its novel layer 3 technology, this solution runs as a decentralized optimization layer that operates above Automated Market Makers (AMMs). Like its Liquidity Hub, Perpetual Hub also provides similar service for all forms of decentralized perpetual protocols.

Recently, Orbs joined forces with IntentX and SYMMIO to focus on numerous use cases in the on-chain derivatives landscape. The collaboration also saw the integration of Liquidity Hub into IntentX to facilitate RFQ spot trading. SYMMIO, on the other hand, relies on Orbs’ layer 3 technology to improve its contracts.

Considering the relevance of the partnership, Orbs has positioned itself as a force to reckon with in the decentralized space. It still plans more integrations and partnerships for the future, saying its commitment to great user experience remains unflinching.

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