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New Canvas launches Lustration project on Polygon


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XR media company, New Canvas has decided to launch its upcoming NFT and Social token drop for its Lustration project on Polygon. As revealed, the project runs as an award-winning animated VR series that takes place in the fictional afterworld, ‘The Between.’ Polygon also confirmed this development in its Thursday blog post.

According to Polygon, the fantasy noir story of Lustration runs as an adaptation of a comic of the same name. As revealed, it will be written and directed by Australian First Nations creator Ryan Griffen. Notably, its first season has been unveiled on Meta Quest HMDs, after a world premiere at SXSW 2022. Polygon says New Canvas intends to screen all four episodes of the first season in the “Best Of” category. This, as reported, will be instigating today. According to Polygon, the festival manifest as a part of the prestigious Venice Film Festival, coordinated by La Biennale.

Reportedly, New Canvas plans to unveil a social token and a limited set of NFTs. These tokens tend to contain distinctive artworks from season one to build a crypto-powered model. According to the protocol, the innovations will help in engaging fans and generate a strong community with long-term participation value.

New Canvas to fund production of the second season

With the revenue generated, New Canvas intends to finance production of the second season in the series and sponsor its itinerary. Also, thr NFTs and tokens will also help test and validate a model for upcoming New Canvas immersive titles.

In addition, the protocol plans to create the NFTs in two varieties. It says the holders will be able to enjoy exclusive access to digital comics. At the minting stage, its purchases tend to include an allocation of $LSTR social tokens when it becomes launched publicly. Also, New Canvas plans to avail the token for pre-sale ahead of its public launch in 2023.

As designed, $LSTR tokens offer a utility that includes access to merchandise from season one. It also offers access to exclusive 2D and VR content, access to a private discord server channel. This development means New Canvas joins the list of projects building on Polygon. Recall that some Web3 projects like OpenSea and Aave now support Polygon. More so, enterprises, including Adobe, Stripe, and Meta, rely on Polygon. They take advantage of its low network fees, fast transaction speeds, and carbon neutrality. Also, New Canvas plans to update users as things unfold.

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