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MoonPay partners Biconomy to streamline crypto payments


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Global payment solution provider, MoonPay has collaborated with Biconomy, a Web3 developer and transaction infrastructure protocol. According to its Tuesday Twitter post, the collaboration will help streamline every regulated crypto transactions, making them more accessible than before.

More so, the integration will make it possible for users to integrate their Smart Accounts with MoonPay’s KYC swaps effortlessly. Over time, MoonPay has shown readiness to provide developers with reliable and trusted KYC-compliant swap partner, thus streamlining their overall experience. Being a leading Web3 infrastructure firm, MoonPay is trusted by more than 500 partners spanning crypto exchanges, marketplaces, blockchains, wallets, and many more.

MoonPay aiming to streamline crypto payments across the globe

Describing itself as the easiest gateway to Web3, MoonPay is renowned for its innovative on-and-off ramp solutions that empower users to buy and sell their chosen crypto coins. Just recently, the protocol, in a bid to make crypto more accessible, collaborated with ReHold. Through the collaboration, MoonPay has been supporting ReHold to provide fiat-to-crypto payment services.

Similarly, it joined forces with MetaMask to improve crypto payments in Nigeria. This joint effort has been instrumental in eliminating the challenges that Nigerians encounter while engaging in fiat-crypto transactions. Barely a month ago, MoonPay also collaborated with SwapSpace, a well-known crypto exchange aggregator. Therefore, SwapSpace users can now enjoy easy access to hundreds of crypto coins, thanks to MoonPay’s cross-chain swaps, on-ramps and off-ramps solutions.

More so, MoonPay is one of the top brands that have embedded Mastercard products and solutions into its ecosystem. With this strategic integration, it aims to drive innovation, compliance, trust, and efficiency within the crypto industry. The collaboration has also made it possible for MoonPay to harness Mastercard Crypto Credential. This solution is designed as a set of common standards, allowing the validation of trusted transactions between users on blockchains.

It also boasts a partnership with imToken, Asia’s biggest crypto wallet to onboard new crypto users from the region. According to findings, both protocols are working together to deliver an accessible and seamless fiat on-off ramp experience.

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