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Microstrategy will yield money from its massive bitcoin holding.


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Microstrategy’s CEO Michael Slayor told in an interview that they will generate money from their massive bitcoin holding. A majorly business analytics software making organization, their market portfolio reflects a massive stock of bitcoin holding. They own approximately 122,000 bitcoins which evaluates to 3.5+ billion dollars. This can be a substantially important move for MicroStrategy because it can pave a way for future organizations to generate money through cryptocurrency. Trading such a ginormous about of crypto can lead to market disruptions and can result in some catastrophic outcomes if excessive planning is not done. Some of the ways the CEO outlined in the interview to generate corpus fund using bitcoins were as of following:-

  1. Getting into long term partnership with one of the big tech companies. These partnerships can folster growth of startups and innovations.
  2. Mortage against bitcoin can also generate a favourable long term debt, financed by bitcoin. MicroStrategy is willing to can into long term debt if the conditions suits to there needs and generate a heavy amount by investing their bitcoin holding.
  3. Innovative ideas to make applications for the bitcoins. MicroStrategy is also looking for some innovative ways to develop their bitcoins into an innovative application that can bring result for the organization.
  4. Lending some of the crypto to a trust worthy partner would result in more captial gains for the MicroStrategy and the partner itself.

There are still no formal steps that have been taken to use their bitcoin holding to generate income, but in future, we can see some pretty big disruptions in the crypto industry. With Microstrategy utilizing bitcoin for the use of capital gains it will result in many more companies embracing cryptocurrency as a viable tool for wealth generation.

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