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Metamask developer launches delegation toolkit to reengineer Web3 experience


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MetaMask wallet Ethereum software developer firm, Consensys, has announced the launch of MetaMask Delegation Toolkit to reengineer Web3 user experience. In a press release today, the firm shared insights into the functionalities of the product.

Metamask Delegation toolkit to redefine the Web3 space for users

With a lofty ambition to facilitate mass adoption of Web3 and blockchain, the MetaMask Delegation toolkit features a range of innovative tools and smart contracts for developers. These tools, in turn enables dapps and protocols to build new experiences while ensuring a robust and high level of safety that caters to users’ specific needs. In addition, this tool is tailored to help billions of users to eliminate the barriers that prevent them from onboarding to a more dynamic and equitable internet.

The Metamask developer said it built the tool after years of extensive research into strategies that can empower dapps to completely redefine users experience. As reported, the MetaMask Delegation Toolkit is now available for use on any EVM chain supported by a User Operation Bundler. This includes Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Linea, Optimism and Polygon.

Delegation Toolkit simplifies users’ interaction with Web3 apps

According to the press release, the delegation simplifies users’ interaction with web3 applications. This in turn facilitates the enjoyment of streamlined gaming, social networking, providing smoother and better interactions.

Beyond smart wallet SDK, the MetaMask Delegation Toolkit enables developers to improve on other areas of user experience. One of these is the instant onboarding of new users. As revealed, it eliminates the need for a traditional wallet, downloading of browser extensions, mobile applications, or the need to write down seed phrases to access web3.

More so, the Metamask delegation eradicates user friction completely. This means that users do not need constant verifications, or switch between dapp and wallet to access their favorite dapp. The toolkit also control and automate how many clicks user make in a dapp, and regulate gas fees for transactions.

Likewise, it delivers richer user experience and simplify smart contract development. It achieves this by setting permissions and capabilities by leveraging the general purpose and deeply extensive framework.

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