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Memeinator Blazes Past $4M with Red Apple Tech Partnership News


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London, United Kingdom, February 8th, 2024, Chainwire

Memeinator has surged forward, banking an impressive $4M in the public presale so far. 

The MMTR token is now priced at $0.0208, and with Stage 14 of the presale rapidly selling out, the price will soon rise to $0.022 in Stage 15.

Memeinator is a meme coin with a purpose, casting rivals to the side on the journey to a $1 billion market cap. Enticing staking rewards, a big marketing push, and an AI-based game set MMTR apart from inferior meme projects.

This surge in interest comes on the back of a new partnership between Memeinator and Red Apple Tech, the award-winning game studio who will oversee the development of the Meme Warfare game.

Meanwhile, Memeinator’s marketing efforts have gone up a gear, with a viral billboard campaign pushing #Memeinator to trend worldwide. The billboard was strategically placed near the SpaceX offices to attract the attention of Elon Musk, a move very well received by the Memeinator community. 

Memeinator’s Head of Product, Marco Tonetti, said of recent developments: “Memeinator is generating amazing levels of interest thanks to the efforts of our development and marketing teams. We’re excited to partner with a household name like Red Apple, and we expect viral buzz to continue as the MMTR presale nears its end.”

Memeinator (MMTR) is available to buy on the official site

Memeinator: The meme coin gunning for domination

Memeinator is a meme coin on a mission to destroy scams, rug-pulls, and worthless tokens forever.

Its ERC-20 smart contract is fully audited, and the veteran team has built a powerful brand set to take over the meme coin world. The marketing plan takes a methodical approach to virality, setting the stage for a bull run harnessing climb to the top in 2024.

The MMTR token gives back to token holders with a range of incentives for those with both short and long positions. Stakers can generate up to 45% APY on their tokens, and HODLers will appreciate that development and marketing will continue to ramp up over time, whilst quarterly token burns are in the roadmap to help stabilise the MMTR price and add value to existing tokens.

The AI-infused Meme Warfare game will add another layer of engagement for the Memeinator community, so expect future media coverage to build on stories already featured in CoinJournal, Bitcoinist.com, Cointelegraph, and Invezz.com.

The MMTR presale wraps up in a few weeks, with the next stages of the roadmap including influencer partnerships, exchange listings, exclusive NFTs, and the Meme Warfare game.

The stories driving Memeinator’s growth 

Memeinator’s growth is being driven by two key factors: the aforementioned brazen billboard campaign, and a new announcement regarding its “Meme Warfare” shoot-em-up game.

The development of Meme Warfare positions MMTR adjacent to the burgeoning GameFi sector, touted to reach a market cap of $90 billion by 2031, according to Business Research Insights. Investors will hope that Memeinator shares in GameFi’s forward momentum as the association grows.

This positive news mirrors general market sentiment. Bitcoin has painted a “golden cross” on its weekly chart after ETFs were approved in January, and experts speculate an Ethereum ETF will be approved in May. This paves the way for an altcoin season this summer that MMTR is well-positioned to capitalize on.

With the market now ripe for a meme coin bull run, MMTR holders will be hoping for a repeat of 2023, where coins such as PEPE and BONK registered gains of over 15,000% and 4000% respectively despite bearish conditions.

Memeinator is in Stage 14 of its presale, with the price now at $0.0208. Only 7% of tokens remain before Stage 15, where the price increases once again. 

About Memeinator

Memeinator is the antidote to the hundreds of throwaway meme coins that lack any legitimate utility. With its deflationary token, engaged community, expertly crafted NFT collection, and AI-powered video game, it offers real innovation instead of just hype. Its purpose is to eclipse its rival meme coins. And, on the way, deliver strong returns to its community via both trading its MMTR coin and staking, before smashing the $1 billion market cap.

For more information and to buy Memeinator (MMTR) visit the website.

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