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Lens Protocol launches new version to enhance users’ web3 experience


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Lens Protocol which is popularly dubbed as the social layer of web3 has launched the latest version of its protocol. In a thread of tweets on its official Twitter page, the firm announced the launching of the Lens Protocol V2. According to the announcement, the firm referred to the V2 as the next chapter in its evolution. The project revealed how the latest version will provide greater control to builders and integrators.

More so, Lens Protocol discussed the potential of the new version in enhancing users’ web3 experience. As revealed, despite new additions to the latest version, Lens Protocol highlighted how the V2 will retain some notable features of the older version. Further, the project stated that the initiative emanated due to Lens’ intention of retaining the features that made it enjoy the patronage of web3 enthusiasts while introducing new ones. 

Notable additions to the Lens Protocol V2 

While speaking about the newly added features of the latest version, the firm recalled how the previous version launched without a user interface. Consequently, becoming a launchpad for creativity and inspiring numerous community-oriented social media applications. Lens Protocol in the announcement discussed how the V2 is equipped with Open Action features. The project illustrated how the feature will help set a new milestone for composable social networking. To achieve this focus, the project intends to incorporate external web3 experiences into Lens apps.

Furthermore, the Open Actions feature will aid users and developers to add their smart contracts to the protocol. This feature will help carry out any external smart contract action on a Lens publication. Likewise, users can extend the support to cross-chain actions with an oracle support. According to the announcement, Layer2 networks and Ethereum can carry out such actions. 

Additionally, the latest version is also incorporated with the Collective Value Share feature. This feature according to Lens Protocol will help provide new network effects that grow with every interaction. Also, it has a value chain that rewards people, applications, algorithms, and networks. However, the reward is meant for only positive contributions. 

Now, the Lens Protocol V2 will allow users to store their profiles on hardware wallets. With the feature, users will enjoy a new level of security. Similarly, this feature allows users to delegate their social action to a different wallet. Lastly, Lens Protocol through the social action delegation feature aims to improve users’ experience on gasless and signless transactions.

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