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Ledger expands support for Solana, pledges more features in 2023


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Today in a blog post, Hardware wallet provider, Ledger has announced the expansion of its support to Solana Mobile. In the post, Ledger describes the innovation as an effort to continue its relationship with Solana Labs and the Solana Community. The hardware wallet provider added that it’s planning to add more features with Solana Mobile to provide more seamless service and advanced security for Solana users.

Further, the firm describes how it is working to support Solana in 2023 on its Ledger Connect; a browser extension. This will as well assist Developers on the Solana ecosystem that intends to integrate their DApps with Ledger. As revealed, the hardware wallet provider has made the Solana app available on its solutions like Ledger Live, Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus gadgets. With that, investors can buy, send, receive and stake their SOL tokens on the Live app.

Reaction to the innovation by Ledger Executive

Meanwhile, Ledger CEO, Ian Rogers has reacted to the innovation. In his words, Rogers said “We’re proud to partner with the Solana Labs and Solana Mobile teams to bring security to the Solana ecosystem.” He added that “Our shared commitment to security will ensure Solana users have access to the best security on the planet – whether they’re buying or staking SOL through Ledger Live, or securely and easily collecting using Ledger Connect and Magic Eden.” Lastly, he added that “Your Solana is valuable, protecting your value by pairing your Saga Solana Mobile phone and your Ledger is a must.”

Notable side notes

The turn of 2022 has seen hardware wallets gain much prominence in the cryptocurrency space. The crisis that has befallen different cryptocurrency exchanges since the turn of the year has led to their popularity.

For Ledger, the hardware wallet provider gained more from the minor crisis Coinbase suffered when the bear market was at its peak. The firm confirmed that it made sales worth about $2 million in a day. The sales occurred when Coinbase made a declaration that its customer’s funds are not safe if it slides into bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the support from Ledger for Solana represents another huge development for the token and it’s ecosystem. According to market data from Coincodex, SOL currently trades at $31.20.

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