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Leash holders to enjoy exclusive offers on Shiba land


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According to a tweet today, the Shiba Inu team announced a new offer that comes with possessing the LEASH token. The team reveals that with the token, users are bound to enjoy exclusive access to projects by the SHIBA team. It further added that the offer ranges from the Shiboshis to the Shiba land. $LEASH holders will be the first group of people to enjoy fresh projects according to the team.

The $LEASH is an exclusive token on the Shiba Inu ecosystem, created by Ryoshi, the anonymous creator of Shiba Inu. Additionally, the $LEASH came into the limelight as a base token but the team altered plans. This resulted in the restriction of supply to 107,646 tokens, therefore the price of the token grew massively. The foregoing makes the token a special one among its peers.

Currently, the token trades at $1,400 after enjoying massive growth last year while it traded for $7,000 then. On norms, dog-themed tokens often enjoy a huge volume of circulation. $LEASH is enjoying a distinctive pattern which makes it a special Dog token. The development comes to fulfill the age-long promises of the SHIBA INU team of giving special rewards to Leash holders. Then, the team didn’t disclose what comes with holding the token, but the latest development is enough for holders to have an insight now.

However, Leash, Bone and Shib are other subsidiaries of Shina Inu, and they’ve dominated since their release last year. Other notable dog-themed tokens are Jindo Inu, Alaska Inu, Baby Dogecoin, and Drunkdoge.

The growth of Shiba Inu, Leash, and Shiba land

The Shiba Inu coin has overtly grown and it has endured a mixed atmosphere since its release. The token recently ventured into Metaverse with the launching of the Shiba land. The Shiba land contains virtual lands that allow investors to purchase and sell lands just like Metaverse. About 99,000 parcels of land are up for grab but the prices of these lands are unknown yet.

Lastly, the sale of Shiba land comes in a queue selling method. This method will empower Leash holders the distinguish right to buy from the inaugural selling of 35,000 plots of land. Shiboshis holders will then get 2,000 plots which are stocked for Shiba Inu NFTs owners. At the end of the exclusive sale, the general public can now get their hands on Shiba land. Therefore, early birds must first own the Leash token to have access to Shiba land, or wait till the end of the exclusive sale.

Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi Adejumo
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