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Learning More About the StandAgainstWar Project: How to Help Ukraine Using Cryptocurrency


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The war in Ukraine is getting bigger by the day, and with the most recent set of sanctions throwing a wrench in any sort of resolution, there are plenty of people looking for a way to support Ukraine. We all can agree that they’re suffering as a country, and this project is providing you with an easy way to show your support to the vulnerable people of Ukraine. 

There are thousands of different organizations that will happily accept your donations, but very few of them will give the entirety of your funds to the people who need it most. You want to work with a project that you have faith in, and that’s exactly what StandAgainstWar is.

When you genuinely want to make a difference and have no idea where to start, a project like StandAgainstWar is going to make things simple.

What Makes a Project Like This So Interesting?

Donating to a charitable cause that’s in support of Ukraine is a popular thing to do these days, but what if you wanted to make sure that your money was going to the right place? Through the implementation of blockchain technology, a project like this one will let you directly donate to an abundance of NGOs and track your funds personally.

You can see where the money is going because of the blockchain network, and how you go about donating to these organizations is even more unique. StandAgainstWar has released a 10,000 piece NFT project that donates 90% of all sales automatically to NGO-based ETH wallets.

The remaining 10% of the money will be pooled and used to pay the artists, build future ideas, and help with the all-around networking that is required for a project like this one. 

Which Non-Profit Organizations Will Benefit?

There are 17 NGOs in total partnered with StandAgainstWar at the moment, and there are likely going to be more added to that list as time moves forward. Many cryptocurrency projects have been trying to figure out how they can aid Ukraine and provide them support during this war, but none of them have done this great of a job.

Popular names like Project HOPE, Good360, Alight, WONDER Foundation, Mercy Corps, and many more are attached to StandAgainstWar. This is a testament to the legitimacy of this project, and it’s something that has drawn the attention of crypto enthusiasts and Ukraine supporters from all over the globe.

Be The Change You Want to See

Nobody is going to be the change that you want to see unless you set the tone yourself. That’s what the team behind StandAgainstWar understood, and now they’ve built something that’s providing the likes of education, food, shelter, and plenty of other aid for the country of Ukraine. 

Want to be a part of this amazing process? Head over to the StandAgainstWar website to learn more about the project, and be sure to follow them on social media for consistent updates.



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