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It’s time to join the IggyBoy whitelist…while you still can


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IggyBoy is the exclusive hot metaverse project from 1ATH.studio and it’s looking big. The upcoming NFT collection has been making waves in the right circles and the time to hop on and bag an opportunity to buy in early is ticking away.

How to buy in early?

If you are interested in this project, there’s only one way to truly secure yourself an early IggyBoy; join the whitelist. However, this way is closing up by the hour as the whitelist is currently more than four-fifths full. You need to move fast, join the discord server and get a whitelist spot.

It’s time to join the IggyBoy whitelist…while you still can

Join IggyBoy NFT whitelist by completing some easy tasks on their official Gleam event: https://gleam.io/1MvAY/iggyboy-nft or via the Quiz https://1athstudio.involve.me/iggyboy-quiz
This is the only way to get to the whitelist and the spots are limited.  

What other perks does the whitelist come with?

Other than the opportunity to participate in the upcoming presale, there’s a fiscal advantage to joining the whitelist. The presale price of a single IggyBoy NFT is listed as 0.055 ETH while the Public sale price is listed as 0.088 ETH. That represents a difference of 0.033 ETH.

Not everyone might be inspired by the price difference though but if the project excites you to enough to read up to this point, a shareholding utility for holding an IggyBoy should be more attractive. This shareholding opportunity is, however, only available to owners of IggyBoy NFTs with the oldest timestamps.

That said, I should remind you again that spots on the whitelist are dwindling. Join the discord server now and do the needful to get yourself this NFT metaverse gem at a cheap price.

How do I get on the IggyBoy whitelist?

There are only two ways to get one of the IggyBoy exclusive whitelist spots and the first is to own a Bored Ape NFT. Seeing as its unlikely that you own one, the next method is to meet some of the whitelist requirements for members of the IggyBoy discord community by completing some easy Gleam tasks: https://gleam.io/1MvAY/iggyboy-nft 

There’s nothing much difficult about securing a whitelist spot for this exclusive hot gem now, though it was much easier in the past if the directives of the developers are to be believed. It would be more difficult as the February 20th mint date draws closer, so make haste.

What does it mean to own an IggyBoy?

On the surface, the IggyBoy can be seen as a direct investment in its value. This is a project with the potential to skyrocket in value. A huge reason for this potential is down to the reputation of the studio and its partners (check the website for more details). However, that’s not all there is to this metaverse NFT.

Yes, I called it a metaverse NFT because that’s exactly what it is. Holders of this NFT are to join a community that is projected by the developers to lead the way in terms of metaverse land and other ventures. There are only few whitelist spots available and the presale is almost upon us. Move quickly!

What more is there to aim for beyond the IggyBoy collection?

The IggyBoy NFT can be defined as a utility NFT and its most conventional utility is in Metaverse. However, steps are already underway to realize the release of even more collections later in the year. Owning an IggyBoy is expected to be advantageous to people’s chances of buying into the new collections.

Things would really get interesting, though, when the vUniversum metaverse project starts pick up steam. That is the nearest mega-goal of the studio; to carve a niche for itself in the metaverse.

Join in the achievement of this goal and carve yourself a space in the future. 

Those interested in learning more about the various ways this utility NFT is expected to grow may visit the official websites: https://1ath.studio/ and https://iggyboy.1ath.studio/

Get exciting news and updates by following them on social media:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/1ATHStudio
Discord – https://www.discord.gg/1athstudio
Medium – https://1athstudio.medium.com/
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