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Is Crypto Presale Good for Newbies?


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In recent years, presale has emerged as one of the most popular methods of launching new cryptocurrencies. New projects, particularly meme coins, embraces this model to enable investors gain early exposure to their tokens before they make their market debut. With presales, investors buy tokens at discounted rates.

In essence, a presale is an event that is launched to allow early movers buy a crypto before it lands on crypto exchanges. Sometimes, the presale of a crypto can be multi-stage or single-stage, depending on the goals and aspirations of the project team. That said, most of the presales that have greeted the market this year are multi-stage. This gives more than enough window for anyone who wants to buy the coins.

One positive aspect about presales is that it ensures simple, fair and unrestricted distribution of new tokens. Interested parties can always visit the official of the said project within the timeframe that the presale is live to participate. In most cases, presale tokens come with a standard staking potential. As such, participants can buy and stake the token at the same time to earn staking rewards.

Available Presale Tokens

At press time, some of the available presales include Dogecoin20, Dogeverse, 99Bitcoins, WienerAI, Bitcoin Minetrix, and many more. Dogeverse, for instance, leverages its multi-chain posture to attract a broad audience to its presale. Presently, the presale token remains the first dog-themed token to launches on multiple blockchains.

Presently, it is available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and will launch on Solana and Base soon. Bitcoin Minetrix, on the other hand, is on board to simplify Bitcoin mining endeavors. With its relationship with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Minetrix enjoys the potential to achieve market success when it launches on exchanges.

Are Crypto Presales worth the hype?

Over the years, crypto presale has emerged and established itself as one of the means project teams introduce their initiative to investors. To an extent, it serves as an avenue for a project to raise funds and advance its offering and ecosystem. However, crypto presales are encompassing campaigns that involves both newbies and seasoned investors in the virtual assets landscape. 

While it serves different purposes for the two groups of investors we mentioned earlier, the main motive for individuals to participate in a presale is to make a profit. More so, profit from a presale can come in two ways depending on the approach and strategy of the individual. Investors can sometimes participate in a presale for long-term gains and on the flip side, it can be for short-term profit. 

Staking Potential Of Presale Tokens

Crypto newbies and seasoned investors alike can participate in presales to earn passive rewards. Considering the fact that newbies are new to the crypto market and are still learning about what virtual assets entail, hence the presale is a good opportunity for them to record huge profits. Most presales offer individuals that are willing to stake their token lucrative APYs.

In most cases, the APY can be as high as 600% or more depending on the time the individual participated in the presale. Therefore, as a crypto newbie, one can leverage this opportunity, participate in the presale, and stake the token to earn more through the proposed APY. It is worth mentioning that the APY reward decrease as more tokens are being staked. Nevertheless, it still presents a good opportunity for investors to net passive rewards while also benefiting from potential market gains.

At the end of the presale and when the token launches, one can decide to sell the coin and make profit. Meanwhile, this approach has proven effective as we’ve witnessed how most cryptocurrencies often explode upon their launching on a cryptocurrency exchange. 


It will be safe to say that a crypto presale isn’t meant for a particular group of investors. This is due to how it offers both newbie and seasoned investors alike the opportunity to get their hands early on a token. In the end, both newbies and experienced traders can make the most out of a presale, depending on their approach. 

Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye Komolafe
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