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Ioconic and MGA Entertainment Introduces L.O.L Surprise NFT Platform Across 20,000 Stores throughout the World


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MGA Entertainment, one the leading toy companies, announced on Tuesday that their NFT based L.O.L Surprise trading card games are out in the market for purchase. 

The company has collaborated with Ioconic, which is a consultancy firm for digital assets, back in September and they are now hoping that the L.O.L Surprise brand which is worth over $2 billion will be successful in attracting its young customer base into the highly lucrative NFT ecosystem. 

According to the announcement, 50 million individual cards, belonging to 10 million physical packs of the card game, are supposed to be delivered to the retailers across the globe, before the end of the year. L.O.L Surprise collectors will receive access to QR codes that users can scan and accordingly receive attractive gifts in the section for the portal of Play L.O.L Surprise. These rewards will include a host of NFTs, trading cards, tokens or even digital representations of their physical collectible items. 

The users will be able to track their collection in the Surprise art gallery and even be able to purchase NFTs in the Art Shop available on the respective portal as soon as fresh collections are available on limited drops. 

The CEO of Ioconic, Jamie Lewis, mentioned that the game will be introduced in 20,000 retail outlets throughout the world including Walmart, Walgreens and Target in the United States followed by Amazon, Tesco, Smyths and Asda in Europe.

All of the transactions that take place will be conducted on the Polygon blockchain, while the blockchain technology will be integrated by Forte into the games. 

According to the NPD group, the L.O.L Surprise dolls, which was launched back in 2016, has been listed as the top toy property in the market.

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