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Injective launches “Helix Institutional” to aid decentralized trading


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Popular layer-1 blockchain firm, Injective has launched Helix Institutional, a solution geared towards fostering decentralized trading. According to the announcement, the protocol will run on Injective blockchain as a trading portal for every financial organization.

With the platform, users will be able to carry out derivatives trades, real-world assets (RWAs), indices, and many others. Also, “Helix Institutional”will help onboard a diverse array of large financial institutions into the on-chain trading environment. This, in turn, ensures more capital inflow and activity in the injective ecosystem. According to Injective, it designed Helix Institutional in a way that allows financial institutions to trade within the regulatory guidelines.

Worthy of note that Injective has made a name for itself in the blockchain space, offering front-running resistance to its exchanges. To achieve this, it relies on its innovative Frequent Batch Auction (FBA) technique. This technique plays a huge role in eliminating the possible for MEV. Likewise, the protocol is well-known for its world-class modules, low fees, and great scalability. Therefore, it is expected that “Helix Institutional” will benefit from these offerings.

Helix Institutional to collaborate traditional and web3 firms – Injective

After its full launch, Helix Institutional will partner with notable traditional finance and web3 firms like Pyth, IMC Trading, Anti Capital, Wormhole and many others. With the multiple partnerships, the platform will provide institutions and injective users with unparalleled on-chain liquidity and exposure.

Meanwhile, the Director of Pyth Data Association, Marc Tillement describes Helix as a key outlet for on-chain trading. Tillement has the potential to succeed owing to Injective’s cost infrastructure and high speed. The exec added that that the launch of Helix Institutional signifies that it is time for finance ecosystem to migrate on-chain.

Meanwhile, the launch of Helix comes barely seven months after it launched the Cascade solution on Testnet. The solution leverages Solana Sealevel Virtual Machine to ensure that millions of developers deploy their Solana projects on Injective. As revealed, the Cascade solution has the potential to onboard over $9 billion Solana developer ecosystem to Injective.

Likewise, the Layer 1 Blockchain firm also unveiled a $150 million ecosystem fund. The funds have been deployed to empower and support developers building on Cosmos network.

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