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Injective launches Cascade solution on testnet


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Today, the developer of Cosmos-based network, Injective unveiled Cascade, the first ever Interchain Solana SVM roll-up for the IBC ecosystem. In a latest Twitter post by the team, the roll-up will utilize the Solana Sealevel Virtual Machine, thereby allowing millions of developers to deploy their Solana projects on Injective. The team believes this prospect associated with Cascade will enable developers to allow their projects go through multichain across Solana and IBC.

According to the announcement, Cascade has the capacity to unlock the over $9 billion Solana developer ecosystem for Injective. Notably, its launch is a product of the efforts of contributors to Injective and roll-up provider, Eclipse. Now, Cascade is now running live on the Injective testnet. This thus means developers can now explore it on the public testnet. Later in the future, the team plans to migrate the SVM roll-up to mainnet.

Injective, however, highlighted the various deployment phases of Cascade launch. First, the testnet beta will entail an SVM sequencer, run by the Eclipse team. As revealed, this sequencer obtains transactions from the Solana wallets. Also, it received smart contract deployments from the Solana command-line interface. According to the team, every block created by this sequencer will be posted to a data availability layer. In the layer, contributors to Cascade are expected to integrate Celestia to act as the data service provider in the future. Thus, growing the scalability attributes of Cascade.

Injective committed to linking Solana with interchain ecosystems

Over time, Injective has shown appreciable commitment to linking Solana with interchain ecosystems. Just recently, it emerged as the only L1 on Cosmos ecosystem to integrate both Wormhole and Pyth. The integration allows assets like SOL to come into its network using Wormhole. Also, it ensures that asset data coming from Solana can be conveyed to its network by Pyth. Now, with the testnet launch of Cascade, Injective is already widening the synergies around Solana, Cosmos and itself.

Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Injective Labs made some comments about the Cascade launch. Chen noted that Injective aims to continuously develop the most dynamic ecosystem for web3 finance. The co-founder believes Cascade possesses the capacity to empower developers from Solana in deploying their projects to Injective. Also, Chen says Cascade will provide more opportunities for users to experience best of web3 apps in one integrated platform.

Similarly, founder of Eclipse Labs, Neel Somani also reacted to the launch. Somani said his team seems impressed by the pioneering work around scalability and interoperability carried out by Injective. The founder believes the SVM environment can help foster developer activity on Cosmos.

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