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How to track your crypto holdings?


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Without any doubt, the volatility of cryptocurrencies has now heightened the need for tracking. Since investors are dabbling into the crypto sphere to make short or long-term gains, the need to track, manage and grow their crypto investments remains a necessity. This need has increased the demand for effective, reliable, cost-effective crypto tracking solutions. Notably, numerous crypto tracking platforms, including Coincodex, Coinmarketcap, Coincheckup, and a host of others, have continued to be in the limelight, availing their clients with the ground to monitor their respective holdings. Without further ado, this article intends to critically guide investors on how to effectively track crypto holdings, with keen reference to Coincodex.

In a bid to carefully educate investors about the processes of tracking their holdings, it is imperative to first explain the concept. Notably, crypto tracking can be best described as the sustainable process of monitoring volatile crypto holdings to enhance their management and growth. As earlier noted, crypto holdings are grossly unstable, thus mandating investors to be alert so as not to run at a loss. With crypto tracking, they can keep a tab on the prevailing market situations of their virtual holdings and thus make critical decisions when necessary.

Crypto trackers, on the other hand, are those virtual outfits that enable investors to discover the prevailing market trends of their crypto holdings. Notably, these trackers are designed to be user-friendly. Additionally, these crypto trackers are, in some cases, linked to the wallets or crypto exchange accounts of their users.  With this feature, users efficiently manage and control their assets.

Worth noting that there is no other time in which crypto tracking apps are as needed as now. This is because the crypto sphere is currently ravaged by poor market conditions, a development that has grossly impacted the prices of numerous assets. As observed, holdings tend to be more volatile and unpredictable at this period, thereby necessitating consistent tracking to stay abreast and as well make quick and better decisions in line with the prevailing market trends.

Notably, one of the most efficient and reliable crypto trackers in today’s contemporary space is Coincodex. It offers all the needed information for investors to keep up with the market trend of the cryptocurrency space. There are live charts for more than 19300 tokens. The platform also offers strategic data like updated prices, all-time high prices, trading volume, market cap, etc. 

Additionally, the platform assists users in monitoring real-time prices, and they can pick between eight (8) predetermined time frames. This ranges from the last 24 hours’ price situation of a token to price histories that date back to the inception of the coin under view. With this available data provided by CoinCodex, users can effectively monitor their tokens. They can also analyze trends and determine the next action to take regarding their investment holding.

One of the distinctive features of CoinCodex is that it offers tutorial guides for users. The platform has numerous articles that have enough qualities to guide users on how to carry out certain functions.

How to track your cryptocurrency holding

Currently, the cryptocurrency space is heavily dominated by too many cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, leaving investors with the right choice to make. With Coincodex, investors can monitor their holdings through the following steps;

1. Download the CoinCodex app via the google play store or Apple store (Android & iOS version). Notably, the crypto app is seamlessly accessible to all Android users. Similarly, the crypto app is also available for all users of iOS devices

2. Register by Email and Input desired password

3. Confirm Email

4. Create a Portfolio by adding the type and amount of token in your position

5. Watch statistical data provided by CoinCodex regarding your portfolio 

6. Follow the market and coin updates through the market watchlist.

In conclusion, investors who are yet to subscribe to crypto tracking are encouraged to do so, particularly with Coincodex, to aid the management and control of their crypto holdings.

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