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Here is what you need to know about crypto casino


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Remarkably, the endless manifestation of innovations has continued to connect the crypto industry to other industries. One of these innovations is the crypto casino, bringing together the gambling sector and the crypto sphere. Today, crypto casinos are becoming highly popular and have continued to gain the attention of gamblers. If this continues, there is a tendency that the innovation will totally relegate the conventional gambling sites. However, in this article, a background check on crypto casinos will be done to give readers a clue about how they work.

What is crypto casino?

No doubt, the crypto casino is an online site that enables gamblers to deposit, withdraw and play their games with cryptocurrencies. Many of these casino sites have a list of crypto assets that they support or accept. For example, Thunderpick, one of the renowned crypto casino sites, directly accepts ETH, BNB, BTC and many more for deposits. It is noteworthy that these sites, in some cases, also accept traditional payments, thereby giving users an avenue to pick the form of payment convenient to them.

Each crypto casino site is usually enveloped with different collections of live dealers, spots, tables and sports games. For users to access these games, it is imperative that they create an account with the site of their choice. Upon successful registration or creation of the account, new users can then make their first deposit, and play games with the intention to win. Although, the minimum deposits obtainable on each of the crypto casino sites differ. On Hell spin, for instance, the minimum deposit for a first-timer user is $20.

How crypto casinos generate revenue?

It is noteworthy that ever since the innovation began to dominate airspace, it has continued to generate huge amounts of revenue. Certainly, there are various means through which crypto casino sites generate revenue. One of those ways are fees. Without any doubt, these sites usually charge a small percentage of the total transaction carried out by users on their networks. Worthy of note that the percentage of the charges is dependent on the site itself.

Another notable way through which they generate revenue is by offering games for gamblers to stake and win. Certainly, gambling is a two-way thing. It is either the gambler wins or otherwise. So, when the “otherwise” happens, the deposits used to stake or play those games are not refundable and go into the purse of the site. More so, crypto casino sites can also generate revenue by engaging in advertising and affiliate commissions. Some of them usually sell advertising space on their site. Also, they earn commissions on every player that registers using any of their affiliate links.

Crypto casino vs Conventional gambling sites

Although crypto casinos and conventional gambling sites might share little similarities, their modes of operation and characteristics are different. When we compare both, it won’t be difficult to discern that crypto casino sites are faster, more efficient and highly effective. This is simply because any transaction on the site is usually processed instantly, thereby allowing gamblers to start their games quickly.

Another notable advantage of crypto casinos over conventional sites is that it offers better anonymity and security than the latter. Recall that every transaction only these sites are usually encrypted by blockchain technology. This thus makes it extremely hard for just anyone to access the personal data or assets of users.

Also, crypto casino sites offer higher payouts than conventional gambling networks. This is despite the fact that they even charge less transaction fees than the latter because of the lack of third-party processing fees. Going further, users get massive rewards for registering, making deposits and playing on crypto casino sites. In Bitstarz, for instance, new users get a 100% match bonus of up to 1 BTC and 180 free bonus spins after their first deposit. All these indicate why the innovation has continued to flourish and earn the attention of many gamblers who aim to maximize their winnings.

What you must know before participating in crypto casino

However, before participating in the crypto casino, it is imperative that you consider its legal status or guidelines in your country of residence. This is simply because there are some countries that totally bar crypto casino gambling. Just as there are countries with certain and clear guidelines for their residents to participate in internet gambling. It is important that gamers research and familiarize themselves with these guidelines before venturing into any gambling activity. With this, they can be sure that in their bid to win, they are playing responsibly and safely.

Top crypto casino in 2023

Since the turn of the year, a host of crypto casinos has attracted more players leading to their fast-growing popularity. These casinos have been able to attract players due to the variety of games available on their platform, the number of cryptocurrencies they support, welcome bonuses, deposits, and withdrawals alongside many other factors. So far, crypto casinos like Luckyblock, BC.Game, Cloudbet, Bitslot, and mBit are leading the pack of these top crypto casino.

1. Luckyblock

  1. In 2023, Lucky Block is regarded as the most advanced crypto casino platform. This is due to how its extensive innovative features have attracted gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Further, The platform is well-known for providing gamers with a variety of choices to pick from.

More so, Lucky Block has more than 2,700 games that players can use BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE and other top cryptocurrency to bet on. Some of these games are Dino Luck, Book of Kemet, Riches of Caliph, Mega Mollah Prince of Kemet, Alchemy Gold, and Magic Piggy.

Additionally, the Crypto Casino platform doesn’t subject new users to KYC verification process. Another notable feature of Luckyblock is the absence of charges on withdrawals and deposits. Friendly welcome bonuses are other remarkable features of the Crypto Casino outlet.

2. BC.Game

BC.Game is flying high on this list due to its league of gaming options that spread across casino games, sports betting, live dealers, and lottery games. The platform provides gamers with 300% welcome bonus, with other reward through its VIP package.

Worth mentioning that this crypto casino platform uses its native coin, BCD to distribute bonuses and rewards. BC.Game supports fiat and crypto deposits. Also, it supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, but requires minimum deposit of $30.

However, the platform is growing in popularity for its emphasis on transparency. BC.Game provides gamers with a gateway to Provably Fair Games that aid the verification of game results ensuring that the process is transparent.

3. Cloudbet

Cloudbet is one of the top crypto casinos to watch out for in 2023. The platform is popular for providing users with a welcome bonus of 100% of their first deposit. A prominent feature of this platform is its withdrawal and deposit flexibility towards cryptocurrency. Cloudbet allows gamers to withdraw their winnings directly to their crypto wallet.

Furthermore, Games on the crypto casino range from Sports, Casino, and e-Sport betting. Cloudbet offers in-live gaming alternatives for various sports. The Casino segment of the platform contains thousands of crypto slot machines with more than 60 live dealer games.

The crypto casino platform accepts virtual tokens like BTC, ETH, USDT, and BCH. Instead of converting users’ deposits to a fiat or native token while staking on games, Cloudbet allows gamers to play directly with BTC. This feature made the platform stand out above its peers.

Other top Crypto Casino to watch out for in 2023

4. mBit

Mbit is highly rated for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. Though, mBit is browser-based and provides access to more than 2000 casino games. Findings into gaming options on mBit include 120 live dealers, live bet games and lottery games. Also, mBit minimum deposit is cheaper compared to other crypto casino as gamers can deposit as low as 0.0003 BTC.

Furthermore, insights into mBits bonus system revealed how gamers can receive more than a 110% welcome bonus. Earning deposit bonuses on the crypto casino covers up to the third deposit of a new gamer. Other welcome bonus packages for new gamers on the mbit include 300 free spins.

More so, mBit permits that users make direct deposit and withdrawal of funds from their crypto wallets. The crypto casino supports top crypto tokens like BTC, ETH, LITE, and DOGE. However, the platform mandates that users go through a KYC verification process before making withdrawals. Nevertheless, they can sign up with their names and emails to get started, only that they must complete the KYC process before any withdrawal.

5. Bitslot

Bitslot is gaining more relevance and attention among crypto casino of late due to its lucrative welcome bonus. The platform bonus package for new users include a 150% welcome bonus which is pegged at 2 BTC. Also, players can earn a cashback of up to 25% on their lost bets daily.

The crypto casino offers a league of the game that spreads from casino games, live dealers, to slots. Other game options on the platform includes various tournaments with their respective prize pool. Through these tournaments, gamers earn competition points for their participation which amounts to certain rewards on the platform.

Likewise, Bitslot supports the deposit of virtual assets like BTC, ETH, LITE, DOGE, XRP, and USDT. The crypto casino focuses mostly on crypto deposit as it doesn’t support card payments, bank transfers, and cheques for deposits.

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