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Helping with the War in Ukraine: Stand Against War Releasing NFTs for Charity


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NFTs have always been looked at as something that will never take off, mainly because the public feels like there is no true use for them. If you think that non-fungible tokens are nothing more than digital pictures that anybody could steal, you couldn’t be more wrong. The perfect example would be a project like Stand Against War, and we’re going to talk about their NFT collection.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to NFT collections, and you can imagine what kind of stuff people have been creating these days. While there is always money to be made if you invest in the right ones, some of them are going to mean much more than a passive income. If you want to make a change and help with the war in Ukraine using NFTs and blockchain technology, this is something that you’ll want to read.

Who’s Behind the Stand Against War Project?

The team responsible for putting together the Stand Against War project knows what it takes to get people interested. Popularity is important when you’re trying to make a change for the better, and thankfully, the community is already rich with people who will do whatever they can to help. If you want to invest in a project that offers a transparent team that promises success in a sense, this is something worth checking out.

Non-Profit Partnerships Make Them Legit

While there are thousands of different NFT projects to consider investing in, very few of them will offer the same kind of exposure to charitable donations that Stand Against War does. 90% of all the funds generated from NFT sales and minting will be directly deposited into the ETH wallets of 17 different NGOs – this is an automated process and one you can track yourself using the blockchain.

There are no shady customers to worry about with this project, which is why it’s been growing in popularity as of recent The NFTs are yet to be released, but you can bet your bottom dollar that people are waiting in line to get them. With reliable organizations like Project HOPE, Good360, Direct Relief, Save the Children, and plenty more onboard, this is a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency fans all over the globe. 

Why Should You Purchase an NFT from Stand Against War?

Traditional charities aren’t transparent when it comes to where the money is going, and you can’t always be sure that your donations are going to have a direct impact on the situation you’re trying to assist with. When it comes to Ukraine, they need all of the help they can get right now – by simply purchasing or minting an NFT, you can have a direct contribution in the salvation efforts that are going on over there.

You’ll be funding these organizations and helping them provide education, food, shelter, and plenty more to the suffering citizens of Ukraine. 

Learn more about Stand Against War and what they’re trying to achieve by following them on social media and checking out their website using the links below.





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