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Helping Ukraine with Crypto: What Makes StandAgainstWar Reliable?


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Have you pondered how you can make a difference when it comes to the Ukrainian war? Russian soldiers are moving closer to the capital daily, and it truly feels like something that you see before a major escalation of war! With that being said, most of you reading this will be safe and sound in your own homes; perhaps you’re laying down with a cat and coffee, comfortably reading this. Never take that for granted!

There Are TONS of “Fluff Projects” Out There

We understand that many of you reading this are probably skeptical, and for good reason. Ever since the crypto space has blown up in popularity, it seems as if there are always some shady projects lurking in the shadows. Waiting for the right moment to strike can seem difficult, but there have been plenty of rug pulls and other things of that nature in the past; thankfully, StandAgainstWar is a project of faith.

You might be wondering why people are so confident in supporting this project, and that’s because they understand what goes into a successful NFT campaign. The key to providing Ukraine with more support starts with finding proper funding, and that’s precisely why releasing an exclusive NFT collection is such a great idea. StandAgainstWar does an amazing job of:

  • Remaining transparent
  • Offering genuine support for Ukraine
  • Giving users a chance to own exclusive NFTs

Some of the NFT projects you invest in will have no merit and utility. They are totally useless, and could genuinely be compared to the likes of a traditional JPEG (which is the argument that most NFT haters make). If you want to know that your money is being well spent and you’re purchasing an NFT that is truly useful, this project is for you. 

Transparent  Donations Through the Blockchain

There’s never any need to worry about your donations making it to the right place. We understand that you may be skeptical (which rings especially true if you’re new to crypto), but there’s really nothing to be worried about when you’re a part of the StandAgainstWar family.

Another thing that may ease your worries is the fact that they are working alongside Project HOPE, which is a relatively popular NGO that supports countries all over the world!  If a non-profit organization like Project HOPE is willing to support your efforts, it’s a very good sign. 90% of all funds from purchased/minted NFTs are given directly to the likes of Project HOPE and the 16 other NGO partners that StandAgainstWar is working with!

Make a Difference Today!

Don’t wait any longer and take this opportunity to show your support for the people of Ukraine through blockchain technology. It’s as simple as purchasing an NFT and holding it – that’s all you need to do to provide reliable and consistent support for a war-torn country.

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