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Google Adds Popular Crypto Cardano To Unified Currency Conversion Rate System


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On February 14th, tech giant Google added Cardano to its currency conversion rate calculator. The move suggests that Cardano has become quite popular. Though this does not directly affect Cardano, it will be helpful to increase awareness about crypto.

Moreover, users will know the conversion rate between the cryptocurrency of Cardano, ADA, to various paper (or fiat) money.

Furthermore, investors can now turn to Google to monitor the close price computation of ADA. Hence, investors will no longer use other services to calculate currency conversion.

How Will The Addition By Google Impact Cardano?

As we have mentioned before, adding Cardano to the conversion calculator will not directly impact its market valuation. However, this might help in drawing a larger audience to Cardano.

If Cardano can attract more users to its platform, it will be more flexible and resilient. Hence, Google adding ADA could attract more users to Cardano.

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Move Shows That Crypto Is Getting Extremely Popular

Additionally, Google’s move points towards the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Investors are showing an interest in the digital asset world. With the addition of ADA, people will gain more awareness about cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Furthermore, this will make the crypto market more diversified and integrated. Also, the addition of crypto to conversion calculators will increase the involvement of investors from all over the world. Now, local investors from developed and underdeveloped nations will be able to access Cardano’s integration in Google’s calculator.

Investors are turning to crypto due to the advantages associated with the digital asset tool. With crypto, people can make fast, secure payments with very low transaction fees. Moreover, the main advantage is that there is no need for a bank or authority to validate the transaction.

As the crypto market gets more integrated with traditional markets, such steps will accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies. We might see Google adding more crypto-related projects on its platform in the future.

Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi Arora
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