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Get Metaverse Based in the stars through the SolaVerse


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The SolaVerse began giving bonuses to its NFT holders in the form of token rewards on the 1st December 2021.

The central website is still offering SOLA-STAR NFTs where 60% of the amount is minted so far. Users are allowed to generate a SOLA-STAR, register on the Dashboard, and they can start collecting rewards right away.

The current surge in Metaverse investment has lifted initiatives like Sandbox, Decentraland, and others too to unprecedented heights, providing a way to future Metaverse titans. The SolaVerse combines the boundless wonder of the stars with the Metaverse’s limitless potential, offering limitless chances for searching and analysis, community, along with the bonuses in the last border.

A latest interview was seen in Forbes that featured The SolaVerse founders (Senna and Jon). They were spilling tea on the project and explained the project this way, ” The SolaVerse is on the way to be recognized as a full-scale metaverse from space”. This is for people who desire to have their own galaxy or solar system where they could rule and get bonuses as well.” They add, “It could be the first move towards making your dream come true.

In addition to having a rare virtual and spatial NFT, you’ll get the chance to earn token bonuses for every task that takes place in your room. All you’d require to do is keep and stake it. You can earn token incentives for staking your NFT and for gamers who play within your SOLA-SYSTEM if you have a SOLA-STAR. What’s more, You’ll also have admittance to exclusive confidential occasions and other perks as well.”

The SolaVerse appears to be headed for greatness, with the release of their whitepaper and imminent unveiling. They’ve amassed a following of over 40,000 Twitter followers and 10,000 Discord members in just eight weeks, and the community appears to be increasing by the day.

The unveiling will take place on Opensea and The SolaVerse website once the final 900 NFTs are coined. Then, in March, the Play-To-Earn game alpha will be released, followed by the release of land later that year.

Their website has only Mint as the only leftover SOLA-STAR NFTs.


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