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Gems in Metaverse; How to Unleash them


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Metaverse is a virtual world that only exists in the digital space. People live in Metaverse with their Avatars by exchanging and holding possession of a valuable digital asset that is connected to our existing world market. Early familiarity with Metaverse was in 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s Sci-fi novel “Snow cash”. Metaverse is indeed becoming a force to reckon with, and a suitable avenue for investment.

Series of projects and initiatives are sprung up on the platform, thus implanting Gems that are waiting for human exploration. Metaverse might seem like an abstract but some characteristics like Non-Fungible Tokens have helped people to earn money in the real world! Opportunities are boundless in this world, How can you unlock the hidden Gems on Metaverse?

How can you unleash Gems in Metaverse

Firstly, there are various ways to earn on the Metaverse and one of them is becoming a landowner. On Metaverse, people can purchase digital land(s) with NFTs, then nurture it into a property. For instance, The Sandbox estate on Metaverse offers land on Metaverse where you can develop to earn passively.

Recently, famous fashion brand, Gucci announced the procurement of a plot of land on Metaverse. What the brand intends to do with it is relatively unknown for now, but it’s clear that it is planning to extend its dominance to the virtual world. This is another approach to unlocking the glamorous Gems in Metaverse.

Secondly, Another way of unleashing the gems in Metaverse is through PARSIQ’s IQ protocol. Landowners on Metaverse can gain by renting out their possessions to renters after agreeing to certain terms. Aside from real estate and rentals, Metaverse has made it possible for gamers to earn while playing games on Metaverse.

A good example is “Zen Fighters” on Metaverse, the game allows gamers to earn after levelling up their fighters, completing a mission, or looting a treasure box. Commodities on Zen Fighters are illustrated in NFTs and they can be acquired through the game’s token, ZENY. User’s accounts are directly connected to their cryptocurrency wallets for keeping their earnings.

Life Events on Metaverse, A Rare Gem

Furthermore, another hidden gem you can unleash on Metaverse is organizing Corporate Events and Gatherings. A few days ago, Metaverse experience its first virtual wedding on one of its sub-chain platforms, Decentraland. Ryan and Candice newly wedded couple enjoyed the audience of invitees, a Supreme Court official, and a virtual multitude of 2,000 visitors.

The couple secured the services of a legal group to make the marriage formal from a legal perspective. On the New Eve of 2021, popular entertainment icon, Hilton Paris played a DJ set to a virtual audience after launching her “Paris World”.

Other Projects in Metaverse

Additionally, Aside from different opportunities on the platform there are notable projects to note as well. One of the leading projects on Metaverse is the “Bloktopia“. It’s a distinctive game with a 21-Floors skyscraper setting, the floors replicate the utmost supply of 21 million Bitcoins. Bloktopia offers a centre for jobs, exhibitions, socialization. It engages the Polygon Blockchain to provide initiatives like learning, building, earning, and playing.

Bloktopia tends to educate users about blockchain and its relevance to the metaverse. Late last year, Award-winning Rapper, Snoop Dogg intensified his involvement in the Metaverse after flying the deal of his virtual estate. Sandbox confirmed the development via a press release. This comes in addition to Snoop Dogg’s party on Sandbox.

Lastly, these varieties of programs and opportunities on Metaverse are indeed true gems. They are capable of adding relevance not only to the existence of Metaverse but to its users. Indeed, Metaverse is an island of countless treasures that are waiting to be explored. Opportunities are boundless and investors can’t get enough of its potential.

Emmanuel George
Emmanuel George
A creative communicator. A freelance content writer for blockchain industry.

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