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Gemini invests $24 million in its India-based startup


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Renowned crypto exchange, Gemini has invested $24 million in its India-based technology development center. According to its September 26 blog post, the investment will be showered on the project over the next two years.

Don’t forget that the crypto exchange announced the development of the development center last May. It chose India as the base of the project because it sees the Asian nation as a hub for great innovations and talents. In the blog post, Gemini commended Indian authorities for building a vast support mechanism for technologies and other innovations to prosper. The exchange recalled how the government developed a “Startup India” initiative to create an enabling environment for startups to grow.

Gemini also reflected on the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission which positioned the country as the first to land a spacecraft on the moon’s south pole. According to the exchange, the feat gives a perfect preview of the promising future of the country and its impact in the global landscape. Describing India as a leading hub for technological advancement, Gemini expressed its excitement about its strong presence in the country. It believes its presence in the country will aid its commitment to unlocking the next era of financial and innovative freedom with web3.

Gemini opens its office in India

According to Gemini, it has now opened its office around the Cyber Hub at Campus Cyber Greens, known as a cutting-edge center for crypto and technological innovations. It added that the Gurgaon center also boasts over 70 seasoned employees who are aiding every sphere of its business. It hosts scores of experts across some of its important departments like engineering, and many more.

The office, as revealed, will avail profound contributions to the development of the exchange. It will contribute to the various fundamentals of the firm, particularly in the areas of compliance, security, payments, and more. Meanwhile, Gemini wants to continue to tap into the potential of India’s market as one of the biggest entrepreneurship hubs around the globe. Also, it plans to hire more experts in key areas of the development center, including finance, and customer support.

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