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Gate.io partners Coinfirm to aid users’ experience


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Leading crypto exchange, Gate.io has partnered with Coinfirm, a leader in blockchain analytics and Regtech solutions. The protocol announced the development in its Monday Twitter post. According to the announcement, the partnership will see Gate.io leverage on Coinfirm’s ALM/CFT platform to enhance its ALM/CFT standards.

It is noteworthy that the Coinfirm’s industry-leading analytics platform offers time AML/CFT risk management solutions for digital assets and cryptocurrencies through knowledge of over 60 blockchains and 1 million+ tokens. By leveraging on it, Gate.io will now be able to provide a secure environment to its customers and ensure compliance with applicable AML/CFT regulations worldwide.

Gate.io CEO & Founder Dr. Lin Han, has reacted to the development. According to the CEO, Gate.io strives to mitigate AML/CFT and counterparty risks. Han said the exchange achieves this by integrating best-in-class security measures and safeguards into every part of its operations. Further, the founder lauded the collaboration with Coinfirm, stressing that it gives the exchange a solid foundation to strengthen its service offerings further while ensuring compliance with global and local AML/CFT regulations.

Worthy of note that the CEO of Coinfirm, Dr. Mircea Mihaescu also reacted to the development. Mihaescu said that the blockchain firm is pleased to see Gate.io leverages on its platform. This, according to the CEO, will enable the exchange to provide a more secure and reliable environment for its customers. Further, Mihaescu boasted that Coinfirm has invested significant resources into building its blockchain analytics capabilities. This, according to the CEO, will make both parties in the partnership, benefit in many ways.

Collaboration between Gate.io and Coinfirm to foster security of digital asset exchanges

Remarkably, this collaboration tends to provide a much higher level of security for digital asset exchanges worldwide. This is because it will help them to proactively identify suspicious activity more quickly and accurately than ever before. Additionally, the collaboration tends to avail greater consistency in AML/CFT compliance and risk management across Gate.io’s operations globally. Occasioned by this development, it will be easy to navigate complex local regulatory environments without sacrificing customer experience or hiking operational costs for customers who want to use its services internationally.

Meanwhile, Gate.io has been unrelenting in its bid to offer a secure and trustworthy digital asset experience. It achieves this by taking a user-first approach. Now, with its exploration of Coinfirm’s technology, the exchange plans to cement its status as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Similarly, it seeks to stay at the forefront of the curve in terms of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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