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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Price Prediction


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Amid the unprecedented collapse of several U.S banking giants, more investors are now moving their investments to the crypto sphere. Recall that since the past few weeks, the banking sector has been ravaged by crisis, thereby causing banks like Silvergate, Silicon Valley, Signature to close. Although, this development initially impacted the prices of cryptocurrencies negatively because these banks served as partners to numerous crypto exchanges. However, as more investors moved their investments into the sphere, BTC and other cryptocurrencies began to recover. Although they are getting bullish about this development, it is still imperative that they look before leaping. This is because the market is characterized by volatility. Aside from this, every crypto has its unique fundamentals that affect its value overtime. Today, there are thousands of crypto assets. Among these assets, ENS crypto has continued to gain the interest of many beginners, thereby necessitating its price prediction here.

Certainly, this price prediction article will make future projections for ENS between 2023 to 2035. In the course of doing this, our analyst considered the current trends in the general crypto market. Also, ENS as a crypto asset is usually impacted by its unique fundamentals. All these fundamentals were put into consideration to make the projections in this article. But, investors still need to research more personally before settling for ENS. This will help to better guide their decision about the token.

Overview of ENS crypto

According to its whitepaper, ENS crypto is the native token of a distributed, open, and extensible naming system, known as Ethereum Name Service. Worthy of note that this token runs on the ERC-20 standard. Just like other native tokens, ENS functions as the governance token of its platform. By virtue of this, its holders are able to make proposals, deliberate on ideas and issues affecting the ecosystem. More so, holding the crypto also enables them to vote on these proposals which could be about how to distribute funds, set parameters for the protocol and upgrade its network.

Worthy of note that the ENS crypto was first airdropped to earlier users of its protocol in late 2021. The airdrop claiming process lasted for several months. In the end, 25% of the total ENS supply was distributed through the airdrop. More so, while 50% of the token goes to its community treasury, 19% is allocated to the core contributors of the platform. Its whitepaper revealed that ENS has a total supply of 100 million coins. The token also has a circulating supply of about 20 million, representing 20% of its total supply.

Like other digital assets, ENS can be sold, purchased, traded and stored as a medium of money. To purchase the token, users can visit various crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, Uniswap and many more. Meanwhile, apart from the broader market trends, other factors that affect the price of the token include technological developments of its platform, its adoption rate by retail and corporate investors, changes in regulation, news events about its platform and many more.

How does ENS platform works?

To better understand the nitty gritty of this project. A brief overview of its background is necessary. The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) functions as a naming system on the Ethereum blockchain. According to its whitepaper, the protocol is geared towards ensuring that users are able to use human readable names as machine-readable identifier format for Ethereum addresses, content hashes, metadata, and many more. Generally, one can say ENS provides a more seamless way to read and share crypto addresses. Before the innovation of ENS, there was DNS, fully referred to as Domain Name service. Both projects serve the same purpose but employ different architectures. DNS primarily align IP addresses with accessible domain names. For instance, users can access binbit by typing binbit.com, instead of the age-long strings of numbers necessary to get to the website.

For ENS to achieve a similar result, it relies heavily on two components, known as registry and resolvers. According to its whitepaper, the registry is enveloped with a single smart contract. Through the smart contract, the registry keeps a comprehensive list of all the domains and subdomains. Worthy of note that it also stores all the information associated with those domains. All these domain addresses are owned by registrants. Certainly, these individuals can sell their domains to another user. As for the resolvers, it is responsible for translating the names into addresses.

Meanwhile, the project has an algorithm, known as Namehash. This algorithm is there to ensure the effective processing of all the domain addresses registered on its network. Through namehash, ENS is able to identify each address associated with every domain. An example of this is “Cristiano. eth” with a unique identity, specified by dots. But, namehash can only work optimally when the names are correct.

Past Price Performances of ENS

Certainly, the price history of ENS is a critical factor in determining its future prediction. Recall that the crypto made its debut in 2021. Then, it traded around $49 owing to the wide acceptability and usage of its native protocol by users. By late December, it began to record a drop in its value, trading within the range of $30 to $40. At last, it ended the year with $35.

Worthy of note that 2022 was not exciting for ENS and other cryptocurrencies. This was due to the bearish trend that stormed the broader market during the year. Prior to the invasion of the bear market, ENS had begun to struggle. According to our findings, the token started the new year below $25. However, following the invasion of the bear run in mid-year, its situation worsened, thereby plunging below $12. It continued to trade within the range till the end of the year. Having examined the price history of ENS, it is now imperative to analyze its yearly price prediction.

ENS Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, ENS, according to our prediction, will record a remarkable price increase, to reward investors against its deficit from the previous year. Consequently, the token will trade between $10.66 to $26, with an average value of $18.36.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
November $18$20$22.34

ENS Price Prediction 2024

The ENS token will benefit from the increasing adoption of Web3 and the innovative name service. The higher the adoption, the more ENS is likely to enjoy a robust price surge. With that, our prediction is that ENS will trade between $20 – $25 prices for the year. More so, the coin will record an average price of $22.5 for the year.

ENS Price Prediction 2025

Ethereum Name Service price performance will attract many traders due to that, there a possibility that the token will reach $30 as its highest price in 2025. The overall condition of the crypto market will as well play a remarkable role in the growth of the token. Therefore, our price prediction projects ENS to record $27 and $24 as its average and minimum value for the year.

ENS Price Prediction 2026

A possible bullish run for the token will see ENS embark on the quest of gaining more ground in the market. So, the coin is expected to record $44 and $32 as the maximum and minimum value in 2026. If the crypto market moves towards its predicted height in the year, ENS will have an enabling ground to enjoy a price rally. According to this prediction, ENS is expected to record an average price of $38 in what will be a productive run for the token.

ENS Price Prediction 2027

It appears that experts projection are expecting the Ethereum Name Service to will have attained a level closer to its previous all-time high. During the year, their expectation is pointing to an average price of $56. Barring any disruptive market situation, we anticipate the maximum price of Ethereum Name Service to be around $67 in 2027. Additionally, our prediction tips ENS to maintain a strong resistant price level which will not go below $45 during the year.

ENS Price Prediction 2028

Crypto experts have examined the prices of ENS and its changes in the previous years. Due to emerging pointers, the coin is expected to surpass its all-time high for the first time since 2021. In 2028, the Ethereum Name Service token will attain a maximum price of $100. However, the token is expected not to trade below $72 during the year. On average, the trading value will be around $86.

ENS Price Prediction 2029

Meanwhile, bear markets are in inevitable in the crypto industry. We expect the crypto industry to endure a minimal setback at a point in time. Barring any setback, in 2029, Ethereum Name Service token is predicted to increase to about $117. Therefore, experts set a prediction of $102 and $109.5 for the year.

ENS Price Prediction 2030

Due to the analysis of the previous price trend of Ethereum Name Service by market experts, the following maximum and minimum prices are predicted for the coin in 2030, $118 and $141. Additionally, on average, the ENS token will trade at $129.3. At some point during the year, the token is likely to will endure some minimal modifications due to some changes in the crypto market.

ENS Price Prediction 2031

After a stern analysis by cryptocurrency trading experts, ENS is projected to continue its increasing value during the year. Considering the performance of the token in different market conditions, ENS is likely to attain a maximum price of $190. Likewise, the coin is anticipated to record an average price of $165 with a minimum value of $140. Irrespective of the market situation, the Ethereum Name Service coin is predicted to be among the top-performing tokens for the year.

ENS Price Prediction 2032

Worth noting that the adoption of the ENS naming innovation will see the coin surge to a noticeable height during the year. While experts expect the token not to trade below $192, their projections are pushing the ENS token to hit $241 as its maximum price in 2032. Also, considering these projections, Ethereum Name Service will enjoy an average value of $216.5.

ENS Price Prediction 2033

As per our ENS price prediction, the minimum, average, and maximum prices of the token may be approximately $242, $268.5, and $295, respectively. Meanwhile, these price predictions suggest remarkable profit opportunities if investors consider the token. However, considering the volatility of the token, these projections may fluctuate, thus, exposing investors to risks. So investors are urged to trade the token with caution.

ENS Price Prediction 2034

Considering the price prediction of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) token, there are pointers that the coin may hit a maximum value of $331, surging above the $300 benchmark in 2034. Also, our price projection indicates that the minimum and average values are likely to be around $293 and $312, respectively.

ENS Price Prediction 2035

For the year, our price prediction projects ENS token to trade between the price of $334 to $470. On average, analytical estimations from experts are pointing to $402. So, by these projections, ENS is tipped to enjoy is a strong market performance for the year.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price


This price prediction for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) token predicted a strong market performance for the token between 2023-2035. While these projections look positive, investors must embrace the fact that this piece is not financial advice. Therefore, they must trade the token with caution. ENS like other cryptocurrencies is highly volatile between November 2021 to June 2022, the coin went down from $85.69 to $7.40. Situations like these are bound to happen in the crypto market, thus, trading with caution is the best remedy against any potential market setback.

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