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Encircled.io aims to solve the biggest issue in crypto – eliminating scams


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A new crypto project called Encircled aims to build a social network between entrepreneurs, investors and developers to build better projects together.

The Platform aims to solve 3 core problems faced by new crypto entrepreneurs:

the issue whom to trust, the security risk, and the issue successfully raising funds. 

“There is simply no safe entry space for an entrepreneur to the crypto space. Let’s say you have a great idea and want to build a crypto project, but you don’t have any trustworthy contacts in the space. Who should you approach? The problem is there is no credible platform, where you can publish your idea, write your whitepaper, find the right team members, advisors, and investors and launch the project without ever leaving the platform.The crypto investing model is just broken.” – says Justin Thompson, Founder of the project.

Encircled will be a one-stop platform for launching new projects and connecting with the entire crypto community, including investors, developers, and project

creators. New users will learn, brainstorm new ideas, find team members, build teams, and connect with investors. VCs & private investor groups will identify creators at

their early stages and connect with them. We will allow project creators as well as investors to refer to each other and provide ratings, feedback so it builds more trust and recognition in the entire space. For investors, it is easier to pick and choose projects to invest – you can trace back the projects some executed and how well they performed.

The projects focus is on building trust by verifying every participant in the community

The platform will introduce three core products, all designed specifically for the crypto community:

• Encircled Connect, a social networking platform for investors, advisors, team members, entrepreneurs and developers

• Encircled Launch, a safe and trusted community first platform for launching new coins and crypto projects

• Encircled Learn, an educational platform

“Connect can be thought of as the Facebook and LinkedIn platform for crypto

users. Launch will be the allocation pillar, where new projects can finalize the seed, private and public round and store the funds securely. Learn will be the trusted learning platform, where founders can certify themselves in core crypto topics, from NFTs to the Metaverse.” – says Justin Thompson.

The project just opened its seed and private sell registrations and is looking for institutional and private investors to join the project and bring more trust to the crypto space together.

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