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Dynamism to Rock Asia Banks


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Financial banks in Asia will in 2022 be rocked by FOMO dynamism occasioned by the consistencies of cryptocurrency circles. In recent times, numerous establishments are bracing up efforts towards embracing crypto-oriented operations. Now, reports confirm that Singapore’s DBS created a crypto digital exchange platform. This firm remains one of the institutions in the Southeast region of Asia

The scenario is not different in Thailand as Siam bank recently acquired a 51 percent share in digital currency (bitkub). More so, a union bank of the Philippines recently revealed the intention to create digital trading services. Just a week ago, Powell’s team announced its plan to examine a digital currency identified as Fedcoin. This team remains cryptic with their intentions on Fedcoin. However, the securities and exchange commission shall decide the future of crypto operations. As things stand, a debate to discover if private crypto operations will be boosted by e-yuan or otherwise continues.

FOMO Dynamism: Goldman and Febrian Analysis

However, investment mogul, Goldman Sachs and an analyst identified as Ditch Ratings expressed worry over this development. According to Tamma Febrian, a notes fitch analyst, subscribing to the crypto trend possesses the potential to foster trading. He further that the trend will help financial institutions like banks to create and sustain a competitive edge and also acquire new customers, especially in nascent fields. In addition, the competitive threat occasioned by crypto trends and perhaps fintech operations in all forms of border payments will not diminish.

Febrian disclosed that subscription to the new trend will help boost the compliance fee and discard all existing business operations. This, according to him will consequently tame risks associated with financial operations and assure all potential investors of crypto. He, however, warned that in situations where there is feeble risk control, crypto tendencies will prone them to legal risks. Some of those legal risks may revolve around money laundering and scams.

Goldman strategists, Zach Pandl and Isabella Rosenberg in their own argument claimed the growing subscription to cryptocurrency raises value and correlation with other market variables. This, according to them reduces the benefit associated with diversifying the assets. In addition, the trends associated with crypto aids diversification and this, thus disprove the claim of JP Morgan who termed the coin as fraud.

In another submission by Febrian analysts, they argued that crypto operations are devoid of near-term repercussions for Fitch-oriented banks in Asia. However, Goldman’s biggest worry remains crypto activities might not observe the financial gravity laws.

Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi believes blockchain technology have the potential to change the world for the better.

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