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dHEDGE Unveils Investment Options, Adds New ‘Toros’ Feature


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Asset management platform dHEDGE is offering two investment options for users looking to decide the best way to invest their crypto stash. They are; the active, and automated asset management options. But while the choice has always been between these two options, dHEDGE is now making it so, that investors will not have to take sides.

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) offers users many pathways to explore the burgeoning space of crypto and digital assets. And sometimes, the different ways to explore may become too overwhelming for those just starting out their journey into crypto and DeFi.

Understanding all the underlying technologies and financial models behind all the dApps, protocols, and coins makes it all the more confusing. So, when a crypto-curious investor chooses to go ahead anyway, there is a lot of research required and various opinions to consider every step of the way.

In most cases, an investor is likely to be faced with choosing between active or automated asset management for their crypto assets. While active management involves the presence of an asset manager to oversee funds and how they are used, the automated management uses an algorithmic or programmed approach to investment.

Why choose dHEDGE?

In the DeFi space, most programs or user-based applications favor one approach ahead of the other. But while both active and automated management have their advantages, crypto amateurs might not make the right decision. And this is exactly where dHEDGE comes in.  

dHEDGE is a one-stop shop for digital-asset management offering both automated and active routes. Pairing investors with savvy asset managers, dHEDGE is built for those in need of a human touch to balance out the purely automated-investment strategies seen on other DeFi platforms or aggregators.

The platform is built with both investors and managers in mind, providing a non-custodial gateway to a wide assortment of decentralized protocols and blockchains. The dHEDGE platform is built on Ethereum, allowing asset managers to trade synthetic crypto, FX, commodities, and equities through the zero-slippage model of Synthetix.

dHEDGE aggregates protocols like Uniswap, 1inch, and AAVE all on a single interface through the Polygon and Optimism Layer-2 blockchains. This allows experts and managers to have access to the same toolkit to maximize their effectiveness. For users looking for a dedicated active asset manager, dHEDGE uses a Sortino ratio-based ranking to pair up investors with managers that best suit their needs and goals.

New feature unveiled

dHEDGE has also announced the launch of its latest feature – Toros, as it looks to further expand its toolbox.

Powered by dHEDGE, Toros is an incubated protocol built for the Polygon blockchain that

operates within its interface and as a standalone protocol. The new feature unlocks maximized inflation, hedging, yield, as well as liquidity capabilities for the Polygon ecosystem through dedicated vaults. And with this, now extends services previously accessed by only managers to a wider community.


dHEDGE is an operator of a decentralized crypto asset management platform intended to manage investment activities on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers both social management opportunities and robust automated investment options

The company’s platform empowers managers to create their own pools in a decentralized manner and connects investment managers with investors in a non-custodial way, enabling managers to deploy quantitative and algorithmic trading strategies and run actively managed investment pools.

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