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Coinbase wallet will now provide support for Non fungible Tokens


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Coinbase, the popular US based crypto exchange is recently launching new upgrades on their self custody wallet. This includes adding a platform to support non fungible tokens or NFTs. This move is expected to drive further expansion in the adoption rates of their browser extension.

On Tuesday, according to an announcement Coinbase will now be adding NFTs on their Wallet. This will enable users to keep a check on their collections and also to access the leading NFT marketplaces in the world such as OpenSea. The company has not yet mentioned any specific dates for rolling out the initiative, even though they have made it clear that it is imperative for the users to make sure that they have the latest version of the browser installed on their device in order to make sure that they can access this feature. 

Coinbase has outlined its plans for the upcoming year 2022, where they have mentioned that they want to expand their support for the NFT related feature. Apart from that, they will also be extending support for their Decentralized exchange feature so that it can be more affordable as well as affordable for their users. Coinbase Wallet boasts of a feature that enables the users to convert their crypto holdings in the form of several Decentralized exchanges. Coinbase has also integrated a new browser extension feature that allows users to gain access to a variety of cryptocurrencies on some of the foremost DEXs. 

According to reports from various sources, the market of digital collectibles has been one of the most defining trends in the digital space. 

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