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Coinbase Escapes Costly Invasion after Hacker’s Intervention


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Coinbase has halted exchange activities on its upswing exchange platform after a popular hacker raised alarm about the platform’s weakness. The hacker popular known as Tree of Alpha called the awareness of Coinbase management to “Potentially Market-Nuking” weakness via a tweet on Friday.

Furthermore, the hacker revealed via another tweet that the problems are delicate and it could permit mischievous users to create problems for Coinbase. The preceding tweet raised alarm among cryptocurrency investors, compelling Tree of Alpha to subsequently tweet to calm the tension. The Hacker tweeted that none of the Coinbase databases was affected.

However, Coinbase responded by announcing that the upstream exchange platform won’t be available for some time, but accessible for distinguish users. Despite the temporary embargo, traders are allowed to terminate old orders without the privilege to make new orders. Later on Friday evening, the platform announced that the platform is open for retail upstream exchanges. Coinbase through its CEO Brian Amstrong appreciated the Hacker for their timely intervention, with further appreciation on how the Cryptocurrency society often helps each other.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is an American company that offers crypto trading services. Coinbase began operations in 2012 remotely without any corporal headquarters. Early last year, the organization attained the height of the biggest crypto trading platform in the U.S. By 2014, the organization grew to one million users. And by 2020, the company revealed a total revenue of $1.14 billion after posting $483 million in the preceding year.

Tree of Alpha previous interventions

Additionally, the Tree of Alpha is quite famous for informing Cryptocurrency organizations regarding complications in their database. In January, the hacker informed CoinDesk about problems regarding the platform’s structure. The glitch allowed explorers to sight Coin’s desk drafted stories, then notifying exchange conclusions about Non-public messages.

Recently, the hacker inquired into popular electric car producer Tesla’s webpage. Tree Alpha revealed that the organization is planning to adopt cryptocurrency deposits on its platform. The development subsequentially unfolded a few days to Elon Musk’s declaration about the company’s willingness to accept payment in Dogecoin. The hacker often tests platforms digging for relevant knowledge for gainful exchanges. Most times the Tree of Alpha often reveals notable lapses for platforms to correct. The hacker insisted that the motivation is to detect harmful lapses and report them before they become effective.

Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi Adejumo
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