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Chiliz partners Naver Pay to enhance global fan engagement


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Renowned web3 sports and entertainment infrastructure, Chiliz has partnered with Naver Pay to expand global fan engagement in South Korea. In a Wednesday blog post, Chiliz confirmed the partnership, affirming its commitment to expanding its global presence through Web3 technologies.

Naver Pay will harness Chiliz’s chain fan token ecosystem to create strategies for providing rewards. This includes exclusive ticketing and payment services, alongside hosting various fan-centered events.

Over the years, Naver Pay has built a solid reputation in the Korean financial industry. With over 33 million registered users and 18 million daily users, it provides solution for businesses seeking to streamline payments methods. It also allows business owners to enhance customer engagement through rewards.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Naver Pay, Park Sang-jin expressed his confidence regarding the partnership. Park Sang-jin boasts that the collaboration with Chiliz represents a significant milestone in Naver pay’s journey to expanding web3 technologies globally. He further emphasized Naver Pay’s ambitious goal to innovatively transform users’ mode of engaging in sporting and entertainment activities.

Similarly, the CEO of Chiliz, Alexandre Dreyfus also gave insights into the partnership. First, the CEO describes Korea as an important market for the firm due to the maturity of its sport and crypto sectors. With the partnership with Naver Pay, Dreyfus said Chiliz is planning to introduce unique experience that uses the power of blockchain to bring value to the sporting community.

Chiliz And Its Efforts To Promoting Sports and Web3 development

In recent years, Chiliz has continued to engage in various partnerships with giants of the sport world to promote sports and web3 development. Some of its notable partners are Tottenham Hotspurs, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City. It has also expanded collaboration to football league such as K league and Ligue 1 to provide blockchain infrastructure solutions centered around the sport sector.

Earlier this month, Chiliz also entered into a venture partnership with SDI Digital Asset Holding to bring fan tokens to enthusaists in Japan. The move was geared towards ensuring that football enthusiast in Japan gain access to fan tokens of popular football clubs. Similarly, the partnership also positions Chiliz as a prominent blockchain network for developers willing to design web3 products and services in Japan.

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