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Chiliz partners Alchemy Pay to bring fiat-crypto payments to sporting world


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Prominent fiat-crypto payment service provider, Alchemy Pay has extended its support to Chiliz Chain. In a statement released on Wednesday, Chiliz disclosed that Alchemy Pay will integrate a host of tokens from the ecosystem of the sports and entertainment blockchain leader. 

As revealed, some of the tokens the payment gateway service provider will integrate include CHZ and other Fan Tokens like ACM, ARG, ATM, and 10 others. Meanwhile, in the future, Alchemy Pay will integrate JUV and ARS. 

The synergy between Alchemy Pay and Chiliz underlines the relevance of integrating fiat and crypto payment solutions to meet the growing demand in the sports and entertainment sector. According to Chiliz, the collaboration will further enhance how fans interact with their favorite clubs. 

With the support of Alchemy Pay’s infrastructure, Chiliz will enjoy enhanced user access to tokens through fiat payments Visa, Mastercard, local mobile wallets, and domestic bank transfers. More so, with the partnership, both Alchemy Pay and Chiliz are pioneering the future of crypto payments in sports. 

By that, the partnership wants to create new opportunities for fan engagement while offering innovative solutions that unite fans and brands alike. 

Side Note On Chiliz 

However, CHZ, the native token of the Chiliz ecosystem, has endured a noticeable downturn in recent times. According to Coinmarketcap, the token has shredded 46.68% from its value in the last 30 days. 

More so, the token has reacted to the news of the partnership with Alchemy Pay. In the last 24 hours, CHZ has been up by 0.87% 

It’s worth mentioning that the collaboration with Alchemy Pay surfaced shortly after Chiliz strategically integrated PUML. Last Friday, Chiliz disclosed that it is working with PUML to introduce a unique move-to-earn model. 

As indicated, the model is designed to encourage physical exercise among sports fans. The partnership will enable sports lovers to receive rewards for cultivating a healthy lifestyle while enhancing their engagement with their favorite sports communities. 

Combining the physical activity of fans with the reward system of the blockchain, Chiliz is on the course of ushering in a new era in the sports industry. Participants can connect their wearable devices to the PUML Better Health app to start earning $PUML. 

To earn more free tokens, players need to complete daily health and fitness tasks. Similarly, Chiliz users can increase their daily rewards by having at least 100 CHZ in the PUML personal custody wallet. 

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