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Brickken set to launch tokenization protocol for company stock in 2022


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As part of its efforts in creating a new path for business management and fundraising, the blockchain management platform, Brickken, has unlocked the economic potential of tokenizing the corporate structure. Following a $2 million private token presale, the Brickken platform now offers a service where businesses can convert their traditional assets onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Brickken seeks to help businesses tackle fundraising problems

For business owners, fundraising and asset management have always been a major challenge, particularly for those in the startup phase. And with a very populated landscape of venture capital and crowdfunding, it gets even more difficult for young companies to have their voices heard while trying to secure funding through traditional methods.

Additionally, the established avenues of fundraising do not allow average investors to get in on the ground floor of projects they believe in. This has contributed to the extremely high startup failure rate and thus, presents an opportunity to come up with inclusive alternatives to bring this failure rate down. An opportunity that Brickken has now fully seized.

With Brickken’s tokenization protocol and interface, companies will be able to explore the possibilities of creating on-chain equity from traditional assets. And also through its native BKN token and decentralized application (dApp) that is set to launch in 2022, Brickken will provide businesses with the necessary tools to issue their own utility and security tokens to raise funds and digitize company ownership.

Safe and secure gateway to blockchain

Brickken’s services are specifically for companies of all sizes, who are interested in the blockchain industry. Its framework offers a seamless channel to manage digital assets while adhering to all existing safety and compliance regulations. The streamlined Brickken interface empowers companies to cultivate a community of early backers in a safe and transparent framework. 

Brickken’s dApp also provides the infrastructure for centralized businesses to transition into self-sufficient decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Thus, providing a protocol for companies to take a fully community-focused approach while staying compliant with regulations.

Also, the Brickken dApp ensures that companies employ a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to ascertain the identities of business entities and individuals who issue tokens.

Speaking about the goals of Brickken as the token listing approaches, the CEO and co-founder of the firm, Edwin Mata, says: 

“Our goal is to show there is an alternative to the traditional barriers in sustaining a company.”

“We believe that the future of business and company ownership lies on the blockchain,” added the CEO.


Founded in 2020, Brickken utilizes blockchain technology to bring companies on-chain through asset tokenization. Led by core values of confidentiality, identity, governance, and compliance, Brickken offers businesses, startups, and institutional players alike, a decentralized way to raise funds by issuing security tokens in Security Token Offering (STOs) and managing their digital assets on one platform. Brickken’s best-in-class user interface provides investors with new opportunities of generating passive income, opening new markets to the world. 

To learn more, please visit https://www.brickken.com/

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