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Boost your trading with Coinrule’s Buy The Dips Strategy


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The world of trading can be fascinating and give many opportunities to take control of your finances, have the chance to engage with the markets, and hopefully make a profit. But that doesn’t make it easy.

Trading can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming, but with Coinrule, you can take on this activity more efficiently. 

Coinrule automates your trades on your favorite exchanges and evaluates the best moment for you to enter the market. So, you get the chance to catch on faster to the current crypto space conditions and reduce exposure when the price pumps and wait to purchase when the price dips. 

Buy the Dips – features and usage

Buy the Dips is a frequently used strategy employed to literally buy dips of a coin to sell at a profit. Of course, the automated strategy utilizes a stop-loss with every trade to minimize potential downside. 

The strategy is used in the context in which Cryptomarkets are highly volatile, offering great opportunities to profit. That’s because buying in when a coin’s price decreases, and selling in the case of an increase, is a simple yet profitable strategy.  

Sounds easy, but it’s hard to accomplish.

Yet, in Coinrule, the rule is easily applied by selecting a time frame and preferred coin for your trade and setting conditions for buy and sell commands.

More about Coinrule

Designed for all types of trade, the Coinrule crypto trading bot automates the process of buying and selling digital currency. Coinrule is an easy-to-use platform as it has been designed to be both understandable and straightforward. 

In addition, Coinrule has maintained a straightforward four-tier membership plan with a free option to assist onboard new users since its start. 

The platform is more like a set of Lego-like tools for building trading strategies, applying them, and monitoring their results. There are a number of different trading bots out there, each of which serves a specific purpose for a user’s exchange trading account. This is also possible through the exchange of API. 

Coinrule differs from other platforms as they use the IFTTT concept of conditional statements. Users may specify a detailed set of actions to be performed when certain conditions are satisfied using the IFTTT (If This Then That) concept.

Also, the platform has a backtesting module that helps users test hypotheses based on past market circumstances. Indeed, the market cannot be accurately predicted 100% accurately based on past events, yet the sandbox environment helps you better understand traders’ behavior and make educated guesses regarding the future.

In this regard, by using past market data, an automated trading strategy may bring in additional benefits beneficial for future use. 

All you have to do is choose a coin, a time period, and a trading method before starting your trading activity.


Coinrule is a suitable option for those who want to experiment and learn how this type of approach works in automated crypto trading. However, the platform is still in the early stages of development and hence has still some limited exposure. 

When it comes to designing, adjusting, and testing strategies, even beginner traders may benefit from the platform’s user-friendly interface and modular strategy setup tools. With Coinrule, trading becomes more pleasurable and straightforward. 

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Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi Arora
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