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Binance opBNB infrastructure goes live on mainnet


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Today, via an announcement on its X handle, the BNB chain indicated that its opBNB mainnet is now available for infrastructural providers. In the announcement, the network revealed that the project is now available for usage after many months of rigorous development. As revealed, the new solution will provide users with “unprecedented speed, security, and scalability.”

More so, the BNB Chain team recalled how it first launched the testnet of opBNB in June 2023. The team added that ever since, the continuous effort from the BNB Chain community has helped advance the state of the project. Consequently, contributed to the growth of its ecosystem, which in return led to the launching of opBNB mainnet.

With the latest version of the opBNB, as revealed in the announcement, users are bound to enjoy low gas fees. As a result of the newly added upgrade to the protocol’s mainnet, gas fees on the network can go as low as $0.005 per transaction. Also, the protocol is equipped with a host of security features to ensure the safety of users’ assets. One of these features includes a multi-sig wallet that allows the upgrade of core smart contracts on opBNB.

Further, opBNB has the support of prominent infrastructure and tooling partners. The support emanated in a bid to provide its developer community with advanced tools and infrastructure. To ensure the growth of the opBNB ecosystem, the project’s team intends to incorporate a host of grants and funding. Among these initiatives is the Builder Grant. 

The funding will award grants to innovative projects designing open-source tools. Similarly, the BNB Chain Kickstart is one of the programs on the funding initiative. However, with the aid of its partners, the BNB chain will provide financial support for projects to initiate their building journey on the network.

Insight into future plans for opBNB

Meanwhile, the project team indicated that after the launching of the opBNB Mainnet, that it will adopt some measures. These measures as revealed are targeted at building a robust, decentralized, and high-performance blockchain network. Which in turn will facilitate the mainstream adoption of opBNB. Some of these measures as revealed are fraud proof, account abstraction, data availabilty to BNB greenfield, and decentralized sequencer.

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