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Behance Allowed It’s User Display Solana NFT


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Adobe, the parent company behind the designer’s showcase platform Behance allows users to link Solana based Phantom wallets. Moreover, they also got a new feature to display their Solana NFT on their profile.

This announcement was made on Monday. The Phantom wallet is built on Solana to tell you more about it. Additionally, it is made to be used in Defi, NFT use cases and more.

The vice president made this announcement of Adobe and head of Behance, William Allen. He tweeted about it and said that their mission in Behance is to facilitate the designers to grow and share whatever they want, which is why they added NFT support due to the high trend and increasing demand for the same.

Choosing To Go With Solanad and Not Ethereum

William explained that when using Ethereum, they have many concerns, out of which energy consumption is the biggest one. They choose to go with Solana, which uses energy equivalent to a Google search. Also, it is cost-effective, on the other hand, giving this decision the extra push it needs.

Phantom Wallet Expresses Their Happiness

While on the other hand, Phantom tweeted that this is a massive step for the Solana economy. Not only does it open new doors for designers, but it’ll also give rise to experimentation with NFT in an energy and cost-effective manner.

What Are The Benefits of A Designer?

The designer gets to have new and more options with this new addition. Compared to earlier, now Behance has also added the functionality for the user to add their Content Credentials for Solana

This way, they can have the verification for transactions and can emit frauds. Moreover, all that a designer/user has to do for all this to work is link their Phantom wallet with Behance. It’s easy, functional and provides an incredible array of opportunities for the designers working in NFT.

Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi is a freelance content writer.

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