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Bank of Spain frowns at irregular use of Crypto


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The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Spain, Margarita Delgado has revealed her position on cryptocurrency. She addressed the usage of cryptocurrency and how it might influence the economy of the nation. She gave the verdict at an event organized by the network provider PWC tagged climate of change. Delgado explains that the long use of cryptocurrency might come along with different dangers to the 12% of the population presently holding crypto.

Margarita Delgado Examines Crypto Risks

Additionally, she clarifies that the long use of cryptocurrencies brings a lot of harm. She said most people using the system do not have enough knowledge. They are ignorant and lack an understanding of how cryptocurrency operates. This emphasis is an eye-opener to the need for crypto education in the industry.
Not only that, it includes obscurity linked to the decentralized finance segment. Delgado believes it can spark issues with financial transactions. Also, she made it known that it is paramount that these investors are aware of the risks. They must be fully aware of the dangers to which they are exposed to. They must not just be hopeful or have high expectations. Their knowledge on the subject of Cryptocurrency is important

Furthermore, The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Spain warns that holding on to cryptocurrencies assets can affect traditional banking. She also explains that the introduction of the assets will bring about volatility. Delgado believes that the absence of a centralized body is a major danger to the crypto ecosystem.

Opposition to Cryptocurrency

Before now, The Bank of Spain has played strong opposition to Cryptocurrency. The Bank of Spain has overtly frowned at traditional banks initiating cryptocurrency-oriented services to clients. The governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos at the II Finance Observatory in February also downplayed crypto. He stated that the increased investment in cryptocurrency would incur threats to the existing banking system.

Early this year, Governor of the Bank of Spain Pablo Hernandez de Cos called for stern supervision of crypto. Additionally, the governor outlined various dangers he recognizes to be evident in the crypto ecosystem. He furthered that many investors expect that their crypto investment should attract the same privilege other traditional investment enjoys.

lastly, the harsh stand on crypto seems to have relaxed a bit. Recently the Bank of Spain approved Bit2Me as a certified cryptocurrency dealer. Bit2Me now become the first provider of crypto-related services approved by the Bank of Spain.

David Idowu
David Idowu
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