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Are cat themed meme coins the next big thing in the crypto space


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Cat themed meme coins are already gaining massive attention in the cryptocurrency landscape. To an extent, they’ve been able to capture the mind of investors with their fascinating imagery featuring cat characters. Boasting more than $1.8 billion market cap, the cat themed meme coin market is fast becoming another big thing in the crypto space. 

Meanwhile, the growing relevance of cat themed meme coins can be traced back to the emergence of meme culture in the crypto landscape. Furthermore, the coming together of meme and cryptocurrency birthed cat themed meme coins. 

The craze started with Dogecoin which paved the way for meme coins, inspiring developers to start creating their humor-centric tokens. Most of these tokens usually feature images of cats and dogs among many others. 

Additionally, most of these tokens swiftly gained huge attention thanks to community engagement and the increased attention of investors on digital assets. In the crypto market today, cat themed meme coins are riding on the meme coin craze, presenting themselves as a good investment opportunity for savvy investors. 

Despite their growing presence in the meme coin and cryptocurrency market alike, cat themed meme coins are yet to win the trust of a section of investors. The tokens are facing fierce competition with their dog-themed meme coin counterpart. 

Without a doubt, cat theme meme coins are only appealing to a group of investors. Only cat lovers and a few others find most of these types of meme coins appealing. 

With their lack of utility, these types of tokens may struggle with adoption. Nevertheless, top tokens like MEW, POPCAT, MOG, TOSHI, WEN, and PURR among many others are leading the charge of establishing cat themed meme coins as the next big thing in the crypto market. 

Top Cat Themed Meme Coins 

Cat in a Dog’s World (MEW)

Cat in a Dog’s World (CIDW) has caused huge waves in the crypto landscape due to its astonishing movement that has placed the meme coin high up the price charts. MEW is one of the earliest cat themed meme coins that sparked an assault against the dominance of dog inspired meme coins. 

Built on Solana, MEW leverages the support of the network that is popular for its fast transaction speeds and scalability. Capitalizing on this support, MEW reflected a huge pointer of being one of the emerging tokens with enormous potential to explode. 

By ensuring constant engagement and numerous events, MEW has managed to build a strong community that has proved pivotal to its growth. Also, the meme coin has tokenomics that is designed to incentivize investors to hold the token for a long time. 

MEW has a market cap worth more than $350 million making it the biggest cat themed meme coin. 

Mog Coin (MOG) 

MOG token another cat themed meme coin like most of its peers started like a joke among friends. The token gained its name from AMOG which depicts an alpha male group. 

The lore of the token features humorous graphics and videos of John McAfee and Martin Shkreli. On July 20, 2023, MOG coin minted the Ethereum network. 

With the support of Multibit, MOG can bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. Despite launching amidst huge scrutiny, the token has managed to prove doubters wrong by recording huge traction. 

Popcat (POPCAT)

Before venturing into the cryptocurrency landscape, the Popcat meme first surfaced on social media in October 2020. The meme features two images of a cat named Oatmeal.

The two images illustrated two separate mouth positions of the cat; one with the mouth closed and the other with its mouth open, creating an O shape. The images gained huge popularity swiftly and became an internet meme sensation. 

Based on the Solana network, POPCAT doesn’t have any intrinsic value, relying only on its meme popularity and community engagement. The explosive popularity of the token reflects the growing impact of meme culture on the Solana ecosystem. With that, POPCAT illustrated how popular trends can push meme coins high up the price charts.


It will be safe to shun any hype about cat themed meme coins being the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. Foremost, it is imperative to set a reminder that most of these tokens lack utility and intrinsic value, hence, making them highly volatile.

Also, most of these tokens, including their dog-themed counterparts are only riding on the meme coin mania. Despite their shortcomings, cat themed meme coins are considerably good as a short-term investment option. This is due to how at some points recorded a noticeable price rally, however, their lack of utility is a factor militating against their potential as a long-term option. 

Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye Komolafe
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