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Animoca Brand, AWS, Polygon Labs collaborate to advance web3 development


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The development of web3 is set to hit a new pace after three top companies collaborated to form the MoonRealm Express Accelerator. According to a blog post released today by Animoca Brands, the firms through the accelerator are set to support developers to design game-changing web3 projects on Mocaverse. As revealed, the companies are Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Polygon Labs.

The strategic collaboration will focus on supporting developers to advance development in decentralized initiatives like SocialFi and GameFi. Furthermore, the collaborative efforts will empower developers to design innovations relating to the aforementioned decentralized initiatives on Mocaverse. In the announcement, Animoca Brands registered confidence in the alliance to drive the advancement of web3.

Also, Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services, and Polygon Labs through the MoonRealm Express Accelerator intend to empower emerging builders. Through the accelerator, the partners will support aspiring builders to actualize their concepts to real-world solutions. Accordingly, the firms will support the builders from the idea-generation stage to establishing their projects as a web3 masterclass. 

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands revealed that the first edition of the MoonRealm Express Accelerator will focus on building and extending Mocaverse’s ecosystem. Likewise, the inaugural cohort of the program will center on the recent launch of Moca ID and Realm Points on the Polygon chain. 

Consequently, the first hackathon will come up by early 2024. The program will equip developers to design protocols that’ll adopt and contribute to the Moca ID on-chain identity ecosystem. Similarly, the protocols will as well integrate Realm Points as integral assets. One of the key focuses of the hackathon will be to establish Mocaverse as the ultimate platform for web3 loyalty programs. 

Reactions to the Strategic Collaboration Between Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services, and Polygon Labs

The co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Sui reacted to the strategic collaboration. Yat Sui revealed that the company is excited to partner with Amazon Web Services and Polygon Labs. He added that “Mocaverse pursues the mission to connect, aggregate, and grow the Animoca Brands network by building the largest Web3 ecosystem in culture and entertainment.”

Additionally, Yat Sui submitted that the initiative will support “ambitious builders” to join the growing ecosystem. He disclosed that it would give them the opportunity to gain more knowledge, tools, and resources to build on the prominent web3 identity and loyalty outlet. 

As part of its contribution to the program, AWS will invest $1.1 million to empower 500 selected startups. Further, the firm will provide the startup with cloud resources through its AWS Activate. Correspondingly, the global head, web3 GTM, AWS, Yaniv Donenfeld, explained some of the key features of the decentralized web.

Donenfeld stated that web3 has the capabilities to “revolutionize various sectors and it’s already driving innovation and growth on a global scale.” Lastly, the executive indicated that AWS will leverage the support of Animoca Brands and Polygon Labs to drive the adoption of web3. 

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