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Alchemy Pay, ZD Group partner to share resources


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On Monday, a global fiat-crypto payment protocol, Alchemy Pay collaborated with ZD Group, the parent firm of Mouette Securities. In a recent Twitter post by the payment platform, it revealed that the partnership will enable ZD group to provide strategic investment in its crypto payment solutions. More so, Alchemy Pay will bank on the collaboration to share the four financial licenses of ZD in Hong Kong.

Worthy of note that these licenses to be shared with Alchemy Pay were issued to ZD by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and Insurance Authority of Hong Kong (IA). Through these licenses, the crypto-fiat payment protocol will be able to secure its entry and penetration into the Hong Kong financial market. Further, it plans provide secure, reliable, compliant and regulatory payment offerings to its extended group of partners.

Alchemy Pay to provide crypto payment solutions for every ZD business activities

As part of the terms of the partnership, Alchemy Pay is expected to provide crypto payment solutions to every business activities in ZD group. This development will thus expand the user base of those solutions beyond Hong Kong, thereby cementing its growth in the global market. Certainly, both firms wants to leverage on the collaboration to share resources, enhance their operations, and foster their business ties.

Meanwhile, the founder of ZD Group, Rui Huang gave some insights about the collaboration. Rui described the partnership with Alchemy Pay as a significant layout of ZD Group in the web3 sphere. He said the investment in the crypto firm marks a critical step in ZD’s commitment to aiding fintech and web3. More so, the founder described Hong Kong as a the global hub city for blockchain development. According to him, the region provides a robust regulatory enablements for financial services to thrive, thereby attracting numerous crypto firms. Amid this development, Rui said ZD wants to continue to monitor the prevailing trends in the global financial markets. This, as revealed by him, will enable the firm to realize the various opportunities enveloped in the web3 space.

Certainly, Alchemy Pay has, over time, shown remarkable commitment to fostering its payment solutions. In February, it collaborated with Google Pay to advance the usage of its On-ramp and Off-ramp payment product. Worthy of note that the collaboration enables its payment solution to support Google Pay, thereby easing crypto payment. Just recently, Alchemy Pay also partnered both Mastercard and Visa to use its payment solutions in 173 countries.

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