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10 Countries to lead the Cryptocurrency Wave in 2022


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2021 was a huge year for the Cryptocurrency-adoption & breakthroughs. Experts expect the momentum to continue through 2022.

Advancement in the ongoing trend regarding bitcoin, different adversaries, and even copy makers in the $2.22 trillion international markets of cryptocurrency seems to be long-run. Additionally, a small fraction of Americans mainly has both practical and personal expertise along with the same. But this percentage of people is usually in single-digits in the U.S.

This article will elaborate on the top countries based on cryptocurrency. 

10 Countries to Spearhead Cryptocurrency Wave in 2022: Expert’s Say

According to Statista, along with its combination of 55 varieties of research reports, they better identify popular countries for bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. The outcome provides a transparent trend. People from Africa, Asia, and South America are more associated with owning and using cryptocurrency than the rest of the countries. 

Have a look at the Top 10 Crypto Countries of the Globe

Nigeria Stands Above the Rest in Cryptocurrency Adoption

Cryptocurrency is the main factor that leads Africa to be the largest economy globally. In Nigeria, nearly 32% of respondents have used or even owned the primary type of crypto in 2020. Bitcoin.com claims that the individual culture and circumstances are the main fuel regarding the trend. Poverty is one of the initial influences. The 87 million of the 200 million people who fall below the poverty line consider crypto transactions cheap. 

The most open country in the Globe is Nigeria to crypto trending and spending. But at the same time, this country is fighting alone in its constant adoption. Southeast Asia, on the other hand, establishes a potential showcasing. Another country from Latin America, in contrast, breaks the top five along with the most powerful countries of the Globe. They did it with a huge economic fall on such a bottom half regarding the list. Here we have listed the top ten countries as per their crypto adoption rates

Nigeria with 32%

Vietnam with 21%

The Philippines with 20%

Turkey with 16%

Peru also with 16%

Switzerland with 11%

India with 9%

China with 7%

The U.S. with 6%

Germany with 5%

And finally Japan with 4%

The U.S. is considered the World Headquarters of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the first major cryptocurrency, expanded by about 113% in the primary quarter of the year 2021. However, comparing it with other currencies such as Dash that is early 198%, Ethereum about 324%, Maker 760%, and Dogecoin 7,555%, tells a lot about its reduced impact in the crypto market. Although the present spotlight on the remarkable trending Altcoins, America is considered a champion of Bitcoin. Statista again claims that more than nearly $1.52 billion worth of Bitcoin was dealing on U.S. crypto interchanges in 2020.

Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi Arora
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